You can make money by recommending Trademate to people. For each purchase they make you can earn recurring revenue up to 30% on each customer you bring to Trademate. We offer the premium service for value betting and analysis for professional and semi-professional sports bettors and traders. This is reflected in our subscription prices, which range from €120-€400 euros. This means that you can you can potentially make a solid passive income from making a couple of sales each month.


We offer two products, Trademate Core, a signaling tool for the softbooks and Trademate Pro a signalling tool for both soft and sharp books in addition to an analysis tool. Basically Hold'em Manager for the world of sports betting that allows you to identify your most profitable subsets, plug leaks and improve your strategy.

Trademate has 4 different subscription packages:

  • Trademate Core Monthly: €120
  • Trademate Core Quarterly: €300
  • Trademate Pro Monthly: €400
  • Trademate Pro Quarterly: €1000
  • Trademate US Monthly $49
  • Trademate US Quarterly $125

You can find your unique referral link on this page that customers can use to sign up for Trademate Sports. The customer only has to click the link once to be accredited to you. So if they click the link and wait a couple of weeks before they signup, we will still know that you were the original source of the traffic and you will receive your commission share.

You can keep track of your earnings on the Affiliate Dashboard.


We offer a CPA deal, where you make 30% commission on the first purchase made by the customer you bring to Trademate Sports.

We also have Recurring Revenue (RR) deals available for partners which have a good amount of traffic. For the Recurring Revenue deals there are 4 different affiliate levels depending on how much revenue you bring to Trademate. You earnings depends on your Level for each month. Both new and recurring revenue will count towards your commission level. So you will be rewarded for bringing customers to Trademate that remain customers over time. All of our commissions are paid out post Norwegian VAT. The VAT rate in Norway is 25%.

Level 1: You bring in €1-€299 in revenue in a given month. You get 15% commission

Level 2: You bring in €300-€999 in revenue in a given month. You get 20% commission

Level 3: You bring in €1000-€2499 in revenue in a given month. You get 25% commission

Level 4: You bring in €2500+ in revenue in a given month. You get 30% commission

For example you bring in 3 new core monthly customers in the current month (120 x 3) and you have brought in 1 pro monthly (400 x 1) and 3 core quarterly customers (100/month x 3) that are still subscribing minus 25% VAT. Post VAT you will have brought in €795 in total revenue that month. Thus you will qualify for Level 3 payments (25% commission). Your payments in this month will then be €198.75.

You need to bring in a minimum of 3 customers to receive the first payment. Payments are due one month after the customer made their purchase. We pay out commissions every 12, 6, 3 or 1 months, depending on how much commission you are bringing in. If your avg. monthly commission is above €350, we pay it out monthly. We are flexible on this if need be. The reason behind this is to avoid a lot of paperwork and transaction fees for the both of us for smaller amounts.


If you are interested in becoming an affiliate you can either contact us via the chat. We ask that you add a description of how you are going to generate traffic e.g. whether you are running a forum, blog, website etc.