3 Reasons Why You Should Never Withdraw Your Money From Your Bonus Bookmaker

So you have earned yourself some huge profits from Matched Betting and you think it's time to withdraw all of that money and go spend it?

Please don’t!

Once you have completed all of the offers here on Oddshero you will have earnt around €3000 in profit. But here we will show you how you can earn even more bynot withdrawing your profits.

Earn money through Value Betting

Now you have turned over all of the bonuses offered by the bookmakers you will have earnt enough money to move onto another form of profitable sports betting, Value Betting.

Value Betting is a form of betting where you are placing bets solely because you have a mathematical edge over the market.

If you have a bet with odds much higher than the true odds then over the long term you will be profitable.

Learn more about Value Betting

What is Trademate Sports?

One of the most challenging aspects of Value Betting is finding the bets that have value. If we were to do it manually we would have to search countless bookmakers and hundreds of different sports to compare all of the odds

Thankfully our partners over at Trademate Sports have created an industry leading software that does all of this work for you and shows you where the Value bets occur.

The Trademate Sports software searches across all of the bookmakers 24/7 to bring you all of the Value effortlessly to your screen.

Now that you know a little bit about Value Betting with Trademate Sports, here are 3 reasons why withdrawing money from your account will affect your Value Betting career.

Reason 1: The higher starting bankroll means higher profits

As you are going to be profiting off an edge, the amount of profit you will earn depends on how much you are placing on bets.

The average return on investment (ROI) of the customers placing bets on the soft* bookmakers is roughly 2.55%. This means that for every $1 you stake, our customers are averaging a return of 2.5 cents. Multiply this by thousands of dollars staked (turnover), and you’re going to make a lot of money!

More money means more profit

\Soft bookmakers is an industry term for the traditional bookmakers.*

Check out how Alex made $1,100 using Trademate Sports, but if he had started with a higher bankroll, he would’ve made over $5,000!

Reason 2: Withdrawing can alert the bookmakers

If there is one lesson to learn about bookmakers, it is that they hate when you take money from them. Their whole business model is predicated on punters to lose and they will do everything in their power to stop your profiting.

This is why we plea to not withdraw high amounts of money on a bookmaker until it is absolutely necessary.

If you withdraw a high amount after completing their signup bonus and then deposit the same or even more money back into the account then the bookmaker will be alerted.

The bookmakers have filters that alert them if the customer displays unusual behaviour.

An alert means that the bookmakers will manually look at your account history and there is a real possibility that they will restrict your ability to place bets.

The best way to avoid this is by not withdrawing your money and keeping it in the accounts of the bookmakers that you will use for Value Betting.

Reason 3: Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

If account restrictions don't concern you - although it should, then please avoid withdrawing from the bonus bookmakers because of the potential fees involved.

Depending on the bookmaker and the method of payment service you use, there is a possibility that the bookmaker will charge you for withdrawing.

This fee can sometimes be a set figure or in the worst cases a percentage of the withdrawal amount.

Also, if you do withdraw money and then decide to deposit money into the account again later, then you could also be subjected to further fees then!


It is advised that you don’t withdraw your funds from the bonus bookmaker and instead use those profits to start Value Betting.

Value Betting is the most profitable form of Sports Betting as you are placing bets only when there is a mathematical edge.

Trademate Sports displays all of the edges that occur across the entire market, leaving you to only place the bets when they appear.

Bookmakers will restrict your account if they think you are taking money from them so try and avoid large withdrawals when possible.

Want more information about how Value Betting works & Trademate Sports,read this.



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