8 Reasons Why You Should Be Matched Betting

Matched Betting is one of the most popular ways for people to make money online. It has been a proven side hustle for people from all walks of life for almost a decade and it continues to give for those who have only just discovered it.

Here are the 8 reasons why we think you should be Matched Betting


Yes. There is no risk of losing your money through Matched Betting. This is almost unique to Matched Betting compared to other ways to earn money online as there is no risk of losing your investment.

Why is Matched Betting risk free?

The reasons Matched Betting is risk free is because you are eliminating all aspects of gambling when placing the bets.

As you try to release your signup bonus*, you will have to wager your deposit a minimum amount of times.

*Signup bonus is also commonly known as a Welcome Offer or Deposit Bonus. These terms are interchangeable.

Here is an example below

screenshot showing the two bets we place

Using our oddsmatcher here at Oddshero, we can see the two bets we are hoping to place that will count towards the wagering of our welcome offer.

The first bet is known as the BACK bet (see below) and this will be the bet we place at the bookmaker who is offering the signup bonus. We call this the Bonus bookmaker.

Image showing the back bet

The reason why bookmakers offer these kind of deposit bonuses is because the majority of people will end up losing the bonus and even their own money trying to win!

Once we have placed the BACK bet with the Bonus Bookmaker, we then cover all of the outcomes by placing a COVER bet with the COVER Bookmaker.

Image showing the cover bet

The fact we are covering all outcomes on the event we bet on means we are not risking any of our own money.

We continue to place BACK and COVER bets until we have completed the wagering requirements of the Signup Bonus. When we have met these requirements, the bonus will become withdrawable and we can claim that as profit made.

It is important to note that human error can result in loss of investment. The biggest example of human error in Matched Betting is placing an incorrect bet.

2. Is Matched Betting legit?

Another reason why Matched Betting is risk free for beginners is because it is already a well proven method of making money online.

It has almost a decade long history of helping people make money and the methodology hasn’t changed since the beginning. This means that not only is Matched Betting a legit money making source, it has a huge community of people from all walks of life who help one another increase their earnings.

Linked above is our Forum where you can ask fellow Matched Bettors for help with anything you are struggling with.

Do not be afraid to ask because we can guarantee the question has been asked a million times!

Of course you can also contact us here at Oddshero directly and we will be happy to help.

3. Do you have to know about sports for Matched Betting?

No. Many Matched Bettors have zero knowledge of sports when they begin and it is certainly not a requirement.

It may seem logical that to profit off sports betting, you should at least have a basic understanding of sports. However, with the Betfinder we have here at Oddshero, the only requirement is basic computing skills to copy the bets that the Betfinder tells you to place.

Read this guide to learn more about our Betfinder

A knowledge in sports can certainly speed up the learning process, as a familiarity with the teams and sports will help you navigate the bookmakers platform when trying to place your bets.

An unintended consequence of becoming a Matched Bettor is that you will quickly become very knowledgeable about sports as you place each bet. After a few weeks of placing bets you will be impressing your family and friends with your newfound knowledge of Sports.

4. How long does Matched Betting take?

One of the best things about Matched Betting is the flexibility it allows around your current lifestyle. Whether you are working Full time or Part time, you can place bets and complete the signup bonuses when it suits your schedule.

Full Time Worker 40+ hours/week -

With the help of our Betfinder here at Oddshero, it only takes less than five minutes to place a bet and we have members who place several bets throughout their working day using their phone. With only 1-2 hours total each day, you can achieve sustainable earnings which will compliment your full time job and improve your finances.

Part Time Worker < 30 hours/week

If you are currently working part time you can expect to build up your bank at a faster rate. With over 60 Signup bonuses available on Oddshero, you can spend more time placing bets leading to quicker earnings.

It is always important to know that the weekends are the busiest times for Matched Betting as that is when the majority of games are played.

During the week matches are played on the evening with only Horse Racing that tends to take place during the weekdays.

If you want to maximise your efficiency then we recommend that you create a Matched Betting schedule to place the bets when it suits you most.

5. How much do you need to start Matched Betting?

One of the biggest misconceptions of Matched Betting is that you need to start with at least €500. We are here to tell you that isn’t the case!!

You can start your Matched Betting journey with as little as €100 but we highly recommend you start with at least €200.

We advise €100 so that you can fully cover all of the necessary bets to complete your first signup bonus. When you are beginning you should only complete one offer at a time and this is the main reason as to why you don’t need a huge bank to start.

Having a bigger starting bank will just mean that you can complete more signup bonuses in a shorter period of time.

The first signup bonus on Oddshero is the BET365 Welcome Offer. As you can see we can earn €100 when signing up. With a starting bank of €100 we can release the bonus and profit in only 5 bets.

Once we have completed the BET365 Signup bonus we have doubled our bank and now have €200 to place bets. This means we can place 2 bets at a time and complete more offers.

6. Do you have to pay tax on gambling winnings?

No! All of that lovely cash is 100% yours to spend how you like. Of course we recommend not to spend your earnings straight away and continue to build up your bank so you can earn even more.

Even though tax laws are completely different throughout all of Europe, no European country will tax your winnings if they are below €1000. Some countries like the U.K do not tax ANY winnings no matter how much you win.

7. How do you profit once you have completed the Signup Bonuses?

That's a great question. It is a question that everyone who has thought about starting Matched Betting has thought. The simplest answer is that you can certainly profit once you have completed all of the Signup Bonuses.

The bookmakers don’t just give you a bonus to sign up to their platform. The world of online bookmakers is HUGE! Bookmakers are constantly fighting for your attention and more importantly your money. They will continue to send you offers once you have created your account with them.

These types of offers are known as RELOAD OFFERS and it will enable you to earn consistently each month.

But before you concern yourself with the Reload Offers you should focus entirely on the Signup Bonuses as there are new bookmakers becoming available each week for you profit from. We will have them all for you here on Oddshero.

Online gambling laws are being loosened across the world and this creates great earning opportunities for us.

New bookmakers are opening up in all four corners of the world and due to the globalised nature of the internet, they all tend to offer their services to us here in Europe.

We can then take advantage of their competition to win us over by profiting off each of their deposit bonuses.

See Below for the Growth of the Gambling industry in recent years.

A bar chart showing the growth of online gambling from 2009 to 2020

As you can see the Online Gambling Industry continues to climb each year and it is expected to reach $94 billion by 2024.

8. How to profit from Sports Betting?

When you have mastered Matched Betting and you have at least €1-2k in profits, it is time to explore other potential ways to earn

Value Betting with Trademate

Value Betting is the process of comparing odds between different bookmakers to see if a bet is overpriced.

If we believe a bet to be overpriced then it is known as a Value Bet. Consistently placing Value Bets will guarantee us profit over a long period of time.

To learn more about the principles of Value Betting then please read this guide.

How do we find Value Bets?

The simple truth is that it is extremely hard. The bookmakers do not want you to find Value Bets and once they realise they’re offering them, they will drop the price immediately.

So how do we profit?

Our partners over at Trademate have created a software that continuously searches over 60 bookmakers to find value in the market.

Once they are found, the members will receive an immediate notification for them to place the bet.

image showing the total profit of Trademate users

As you can see above, the Trademate community has earnt over €4million in profit from placing value bets and it continues to climb!



If you think we have missed anything that people should know before starting Matched Betting then let us know below.

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