Ashton Kutcher: The 'dumb actor' who placed bets for the largest sports betting syndicate in America | 10 Celebrities and Sportsmen Who Are Sports Bettors

Next in our series of 10 Celebrities and Sportsmen Who Are Sports Sports Bettors, comes one of the biggest names in Hollywood, Ashton Kutcher.

Kutcher is most famous for his appearances on TV shows such as Two and a Half Men and That 70’s Show, along with starring roles in the movies Dude Where’s My Car and No Strings Attached.

But in his time, Ashton has been quite a successful sports bettor, mostly on College American Football games!


Unlike a lot of celebrities involved in the sports betting world, Kutcher has been extremely successful for one reason; he has a strategy!

Kutcher doesn’t gamble his money away for a quick thrill, he is a strategic sports bettor who uses mathematics and science to make decisions.

He’s aware that there’s no sure thing in sports betting and he takes a lot of enjoyment out of putting money on games where he’s done a thorough breakdown of data with the use of algorithms.

If you’ve read our article on Michael Jordan, you’ve probably realised that Kutcher’s betting antics are the complete opposite of the NBA star!

Kutcher takes a business-minded approach to his betting, which is quite ironic, considering the roles he acts are normally quite the opposite.


As we stated in our article on professional sports bettor, Billy Walters, it was rumoured that Kutcher was once a bet placer for Walters’ famous betting syndicate.

Before going to prison, Billy Walters reportedly averaged $15 million in sports betting profits; not the worst bettor to be a frontman for!

These rumours were at their peak when Kutcher admitted the following in an interview with Esquire Magazine.

“I actually used to place bets for the largest national sports betting syndicate in America,” he said.

“I basically just placed bets for half a season, we cleared like $750,000 in four weeks of college football, it was pretty fun!”

Asthon Kutcher sports betting

The thought behind getting the Two and a Half Men star to place bets was that bookmakers would believe he was just a dumb actor who liked to put money on American Football games.


But that couldn’t be further from the truth, Kutcher outlined the strategy of the betting syndicate, and it sounded a lot like Billy Walters’ strategy!

“They’re basically looking for numerical anomalies, it’s really complicated, you’ve got to know a lot of data points such as: how this team plays on various surfaces, in different weather etc.,” he said.

“These guys could do it, but generally these types of individuals aren’t allowed to gamble because they know how to handicap the house.

“So they sent me in! But they eventually caught on.”

A former Vegas Sportsbook manager said they thought Kutcher was a “sucker on a hook”, until he completed that amazing four-week run, then they shut him down.


Messenger betting is illegal in Nevada, which is placing a bet one someone else’s behalf.

Which begs the question, why didn’t Kutcher cop some kind of reprimand for his actions?

Well, Nevada would have to prove that Kutcher was compensated by the syndicate for placing their wagers.

And also, looking at the timing of Kutcher’s announcement, compared to when he actually placed the bets, the statute of limitations had likely ran its course.


After his time learning from one of the best sports bettors America has ever seen, in 2015, Kutcher made arguably his best bet yet!

He invested in the eSports company, Unikrn, which is basically a bookmaker for betting on eSports and video games.

Since his investment, Unikrn has become a household name for eSports sports bettors, partnering with MGM Resorts International in Las Vegas to host eSports events.

Not the worst investment from the so-called ‘dumb actor’, who is reportedly sitting on a net worth of $200 million!

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