What is the Best Betting Brokerage?

If you’re a Matched Bettor, you need the services of a betting brokerage. Not just any betting brokerage, but the very best one!

Why? Because with the help of a betting broker, you get to bet at the best Asian bookmakers, with the best odds you can imagine.

Betting Brokerage Explained

By definition, a betting brokerage or a betting broker is a person or a company that acts as a middleman between the bettor and the bookmakers. If you don’t have access to certain bookies, a betting brokerage will solve the problem.

Opening the door to additional online bookmakers is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advantages of using brokers for matched betting. For more reasons to use their services, check out the list below.

Advantages of using a betting brokerage:

  • Getting the best odds from a host of Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges
  • Multiple bookmakers with one account
  • Being able to move your funds quickly between different bookies
  • No danger of getting gubbed

For all the aforementioned reasons, using a betting broker can help you out a lot with your Matched Betting exploits. With the help of the best betting broker, you can increase your profits drastically.

Best Betting Brokers for Matched Betting

Adding a betting broker to the equation when doing Matched Betting can add a few hundred (or even thousands!) to your account on a monthly basis. Mind the word “best” – only the best betting broker can do this for you.

So, where are you supposed to look for the best betting brokers? You can try Google, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the world’s most powerful search engine will lead you to the best company.

A much better alternative is to listen to the advice of someone who has a lot of experience with these sorts of stuff. We, at Oddshero, have been in the Matched Betting business long enough to know which companies you can trust.

Two betting brokerages that we recommend wholeheartedly are Sportmarket and BetInAsia.

Sportmarket Betting Brokerage

This bet brokerage agency can help you a lot with your Matched Betting by providing you access to several Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges. The reason why this is such an important thing is that those bookmakers usually offer much higher odds than their European counterparts.

Actually, the odds at these bookies are sometimes even higher than the odds offered by sports betting giants like bet365 and Unibet.

Another reason to sign up to Sportmarket is that this brokerage will help you get higher limits at bookmakers. You don’t have to worry about getting your account limited or suspended with an account at Sportmarket.

Still not sure whether you should sign up to this brokerage? If so, there’s one final thing you need to learn – Sportmarket is free to use. This bet brokerage does not charge for its services. Instead, it takes only a small percentage from your winnings.

BetInAsia Betting Brokerage

The name of this brokerage tells the whole story – BetInAsia enables you to bet at Asian bookmakers. However, that’s not all. This brokerage also gives you access to some betting exchanges.

What this practically means is that by signing up to BetInAsia, you get all you need to take your Matched Betting to a whole new level.

Same as sports betting, this brokerage also allows you to access several bookies with only one account. Another similarity is that BetInAsia also brings you higher betting limits, as well as no worries about account suspension.

One difference between the two betting brokerages is that BetInAsia has one additional feature. What we’re talking about is Skype betting. You can hire a personal agent to place bets for you, using Skype as a means of communication.

Are Betting Brokers Necessary for Matched Betting?

To do Matched Betting, the only tool you need is Oddshero. With the help of our software, you can clear bonuses from a long list of online bookmakers. You can also use Cover Bookmakers with Oddshero, as we work with more than 100 of them. In addition, Oddshero also works with betting exchanges like Betfair and Matchbook.

What this all means is that in order to make some money with Matched Betting, an account with Oddshero is the only thing you need. However, if you want to take things to the next level, our advice is to use a betting broker.

This way, you get to earn more money than you would without using brokerages, as the odds you will get will be the best available at the time. Furthermore, with a betting brokerage, you will have a peace of mind that nothing bad will happen with your accounts.

Considering that betting exchanges are either free or very affordable, we don’t see any reason not to add at least one of them to the equation – Sportmarket and/or BetInAsia.

Note: We are affiliated with both Sportmarket and BetInAsia.

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