Best Bookmakers For Matched Betting Newbies

Here we are going to run through some of the best bookmakers for Matched Betting newbies.


Bet365 is one of the most popular bookmakers in the world for professional and newbies alike. This is because they have an abundance of offers that we can profit from by using the techniques of Matched Betting.

Signup bonus

We can earn £100 from Bet365 signup bonus

Above you can see the signup bonus being offered by Bet365. This is a great bonus as we can earn at least €80 from this offer and we only need to wager a total of €200 to complete it.

The bonus is a €100 bonus and we have to wager €100 of our own money to release the bonus.

€100 + €100 = €200 total stake required.

A total stake of €200 is very low compared to some of the offers available out there. There are many bookmakers who require us to wager the €100 bonus multiple times.

Reload Offers

Another reason why Bet365 is a Matched Bettor’s dream is because of the amount of offers they continue to send once you have signed up. These are known as Reload Offers

Here is a quick list of the most popular Reload Offers on Bet365

  • 2UP - Bet365 will payout if the team you back goes 2goal ahead. This offer is one of the most lucrative offers in all of Matched Betting as it can be scaled up to 3 figure winnings each time.
  • Bet & Get - Bet365 are leading the industry in the bet & get offers. They very frequently give customers the chance to receive a €50 free bet if you place a €50 bet. It is similar to the €100 signup bonus
  • 4/1 risk-free bet - Bet365 offer a €50 risk-free bet if you back a 5.0+ winner in selected horse races

This is just a glimpse of the offers available by Bet365 and it is easy to see why they’re such a popular bookmaker for Matched Bettors.

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William Hill

William Hill is perhaps the most famous name in the world of sports betting and has been a stable of the industry for almost 100 years. With illegal beginnings in the streets of Birmingham:England, William Hill has become a global power with customers around the world.

Signup Bonus

Wager €100 for €100 Bonus OR

Bet £10 for £30 Bonus

William Hill offers two different welcome offers depending on your country of residence. For non-UK citizens, you can receive a huge €100 Bonus if you wager €100.

Unfortunately for our friends in the UK, they only offer a smaller signup bonus of Bet £10 for £30 Bonus. The reason for this difference is that Matched Betting is already well established and so they have reduced the offer to limit their losses.

Sorry UK!

Reload Offers

William Hill regularly sends out offers to existing customers and is one of the most lucrative bookmakers for Matched Betting.

Golden Goal

Golden Goal by William Hill

Golden Goal is an offer similar to 2UP where William Hill will payout your bet (up to £50) if the team you back scores first. We can then lay the bet on an exchange to eliminate the risk and hope the team we back throw away their lead.

Here’s an example:

  • We place a BACK bet on Liverpool to win on William Hill
  • We then LAY the bet on a betting exchange
  • Then we wait and hope Liverpool scores first
  • If they score first we have two options. We can cash out the bet and profit, or we can wait to see if Liverpool throw away their lead
  • If the game ends without a Liverpool win, we have won both of our bets and took away a HUGE profit.

Sky Bet

In recent years, Sky Bet has soared to the top of popularity for sports bettors, with millions of players each day.

The bookmaker is also extremely popular with Matched Bettors as they regularly send out great offers to their customers.

Signup bonus

Skybet offer new customers £20 in free bets when you place a £5 bet

Skybet Signup bonus

This signup bonus is a great bonus to start your Matched Betting journey as it requires very little starting capital.

We only need €/£5 to place the bet and around €/£20 to cover the bets.

Learn how to place Back and Cover Bets

Reload Offers

Skybet are one of a few bookmakers that offer a weekly bet club to their users. A weekly bet club is where the bookmaker will reward you for placing a certain amount of bets - these all vary depending on the bookmaker.

Skybet weekly bet club is a £5 free bet if you spend £25 from Monday-Sunday. As Skybet sends out regular offers, we will comfortably spend £25 per week and so we will receive the £5 free bet.

We can guarantee ourselves €/£4 profit from the €/£5 free bet and we will receive 4 per month.

4 x €/£4 = €/£16 per month profit. This may sound low but we can combine this with other bet clubs and bet clubs alone can generate more than €/£200 per month.

Price Boosts

Skybet are an industry leader in their price boosts and regularly send out boosts to their customers.

What is a Price Boost?

A price boost is when the bookmaker willingly increases their odds of a specific bet/event. As the odds of the boost tend to be higher than the lay odds on the betting exchange, we can use the techniques of Matched Betting to guarantee ourselves a profit.

Learn how to place Back and Lay bet s

Money BACK as Cash

The Money Back as cash offer is one of the most generous offers available for Matched Bettors.

Money back as cash

In certain Horse Races, SkyBet will refund your stake up to €/£10 if the horse you back finishes in a certain position. In large festivals e.g Cheltenham, the refund can be as high as €/£20(photo above).

The position is normally 2nd or 3rd and sometimes 4th if it is a big field.

All we have to do is place a bet on a horse with a high chance of finishing in the places and we can earn around €/£9.50 profit. We lose €/£0.5 when placing the lay bet.

Betfair Sportsbook

Betfair is one of the leading names in the world of sports betting thanks to their market leading betting exchange.

As you will rely on betting exchanges when Matched Betting to cover your bets, Betfair will be a regular tool in your arsenal.

However, the great thing about Betfair is they also offer a sportsbook with great offers we can take advantage of.

Signup bonus

Betfair offers new customers the chance to earn €/£100 in bonuses.

Betfair Signup bonus

To qualify for the offer, we have to place 5 x €/£10 bets to receive €/20

If we repeat this process 5 times we will be rewarded the full €/£100 bonus.

Reload Offers

Betfair also regularly sends out Reload Offers to customers from their sportsbook and exchange!

They are one of the industry leading companies in their Horse Racing offers and will offer free bets/bonuses for football and other team sports.


PaddyPower is the sister brand of Betfair and they operate under the same company. PaddyPower are famous for their controversial publicity stunts but they’re also very generous with their offers.

PaddyPower, like Skybet also offer a weekly bet club for their users. You can earn a €/£10 free bet each week if you place 5x€/10 bets.

This offer alone can earn us €/32 per month.

Both Betfair and PaddyPower are musts for Matched Bettors.


Unibet is similar to William Hill in that their signup bonus differs depending on your country of residence.

For European players you can earn 3x€20 in free bets if you place one €20 bet. This is a very simple offer and we can make around €45 profit.

Unibet signup bonus

Above you can see the Unibet signup bonus for UK players. They’re offering £40 money back if your first bet loses. The terms and conditions states that we have to wager the £40 bet three times before we can withdraw.

Similar to the European offer we can retain around 80% of this £40 and so we can walk away with £30+ profit

Reload Offers

Just like Paddy Power, Unibet offers a weekly free bet of €/£10 if we place 5 x €/£10 bets. The only difference with the Unibet bet club is that the bets must be placed in-play.This should not make too much difference as we just wait till there is a break in play before placing the bet.

Deposit Bonuses

Unibet are also very generous with their deposit bonuses which they regularly send out to customers.

A deposit bonus is where they will match your deposit amount with a bonus. The bonus can vary from €/£10 up to €/£200. These offers will almost always be sent out to you via email, which is why it is vital for you to check your email linked to your Matched Betting account.

Learn why you should always agree to email marketing


These are some of the handful of bookies we recommend for all Matched Betting beginners to begin their journey.

Once you have become familiar with these bookmakers and what they have to offer you can move onto the 70 bookmakers we have available here on Oddshero.

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