Odds Dropping Whilst Trading: The Evidence that Proves Trademate's Legitimacy

As with anything in life, there are always going to be, for lack of better words; the haters or people who are hugely skeptical about the legitimacy of the Trademate software.

Which is fair enough, even the employees of Trademate are skeptical at first, just watch the video above where our CEO, Marius Norheim, highlighted his concerns.

We have put together and released every shred of evidence we have to prove that this software works, from 3rd party reviews to articles showing our user data.

See our article: ‘All the proof you need that Trademate is profitable’.

But what we talk about in this article might be the greatest piece of evidence to show that what we do works.

You have to be fast when betting

As our users will or have observed, it is almost impossible to place every value bet that pops up on the Trademate ‘tradefeed’.

Why? For a couple of reasons. First, the odds come from the bookie → to our odds providers → and then to us, so there is a slight delay in the first part. How big the delay is varies from bookie to bookie and line to line. This is a limitation that any software using 3rd party odds will have.

Second, we offer value bets, which basically means that we highlight situations where the bookmakers price is too big, so when they realise they’ve made a mistake, they drop their odds.

When the bookmaker drops their price down to the appropriate market level, or in the cases of a soft bookmaker, below market price, that is basically them admitting that they got it wrong.

So in those minutes where their price is too big, sports bettors have a chance to exploit their inefficiencies.

The proof is in the pudding

Here is an example of this happening:

trademate trade

bet365 betting

If a user is unable to place this value bet because it dropped too fast, they would complain about it. Which is fair enough and happens every now and then.

But this scenario shows exactly why our software works. Our algorithm spotted a value bet, our users were then alerted of that bet and then they couldn’t place it because the bookmaker realised that their price was too high.

If our tip or recommendation to place that bet was wrong or inaccurate, then why did they lower their odds?

Even though one will not be able to place all of the bets that come through the tradefeed because of the odds changing too fast, our most active users are still able to place up to 500 bets per week. So the potential is there if one takes the time to get the trades in.

Try it yourself

At the end of the day, the only person you can trust 100% in this world is yourself. So don’t take our word for it, start a free trial and see it for yourself. Most of the time it won’t happen because most soft bookies are too slow at changing their odds.

But it will happen at some point during your trial, and it might be the evidence you needed to prove that Trademate IS NOT a scam!

Note: For users worried about this happening too often and not being able to place bets, here is a tip:

  • Our Marketing Manager, Alex, noticed that he could not get in on Asian handicaps at William Hill, but he could get in on 1st half markets for totals & 1x2. So he split up his presets based on odds type and prioritised 1x2 & totals > Asian handicaps. Even with this limitation our most active users are able to get in 500 trades per week (time spent and number of bookies used are the biggest factors there).
  • Also, if you come across odds that have dropped after finding the trade, you can adjust the odds to see if it is still an edge. If it is, then place the bet. If not, move on to the next trade.

Check out this article where we take a look at the results of our user data to see how long it takes to make $5,000 with our software.

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