Betting With Professional Sports Bettors - A Hidden Secret To Trademate's Success?

Over 3.75 years, Trademate Sports users have made a profit of €4.2M, at an average ROI of 2.55%, which are some pretty spectacular results!

As any informed value bettor knows, that success comes from users placing millions of +EV trades, which over time reduces big swings in variance, giving sports bettors profitable results.

But what if we said that the success of Trademate Sports was down to more than just a mathematical edge over the bookmakers?


Pro Sports Bettor & Brentford FC Owner, Matthew Benham. Credit: Søren Palmelund - The Guardian

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Let’s take Tony Bloom and Matthew Benham for example, who own two of the worlds largest betting syndicates, Starlizard and Smart Odds respectively.

These syndicates are run by hundreds of employees who use complex statistical models to generate football odds that are more accurate than those offered by Asian Bookmakers (where pro’s place their bets).

Their models even take into account the weather forecast and the overall morale of a team!

Basically, their models generate the true odds of a game. Here’s an example using Starlizard as our betting syndicate example:

Asian Bookmaker = Manchester United to beat Liverpool @2 in odds

Starlizard’s True Odds = Manchester United to beat Liverpool @1.95 in odds

As you can see, Starlizard believe the true odds of Manchester United to win are 1.95, lower than what the Asian Bookmaker believes the odds should be.

In this scenario, a value bet has been presented to Starlizard because they can get odds of 2 in a situation where they think the odds should be 1.95.

The odds that Starlizard generate on a game are more accurate than the bookies, so it’s situations like this where the likes of Tony Bloom and Matthew Benham have been able to make millions of dollars, some actually say billions.


Professional sports bettors like Tony Bloom can have £1 million riding on any given football game which influences betting markets significantly.

On the other hand, most sports bettors placing lower wagers on a football game will not have any effect on betting markets. The only way that’s possible is if it’s a small time game in Division 5 of a football league, where the amount of money in the betting pool is significantly less.

English Premier League games have millions of dollars placed on them, so the only way prices are going to change is through professional bettors like Tony Bloom, when they place millions of dollars on them.


As any Trademate Sports user knows, getting an edge over the bookie is a common occurrence, but it only happens when betting lines move on the outcome of a game.

This is where the relationship between Trademate Sports users and sports betting professionals gets interesting.

Although Trademate’s success comes on the back users placing millions of trades with a mathematical edge on the bookie, it’s pretty safe to say that a lot of time our users are betting on the same side as professional sports bettors.

Trademate Sports user data from Jan 2016 - Sept 2019.

(Trademate Sports user data from Jan 2016 - Sept 2019)

Now, we have no data to back this up, but anyone with a deep enough understanding of how value bets occur, understands that this statement has a lot of weight to it!

A syndicate like Starlizard produce more accurate odds than bookmakers, hence their success, along with the ability to move betting lines.

So, if they place $1 million on Manchester United to beat Liverpool, the Asian markets will react first, dropping their price to resemble the most accurate betting line at the moment.

From that time, until the time where soft bookies also drop their odds, you can place a value bet with Trademate Sports.

In this scenario, not only have you placed a value bet with Trademate, but you have placed it alongside a successful betting syndicate, like Starlizard, who create more accurate odds than the bookie, and, they obviously believe it is a great bet!

Once again, we have no proof to back this up as no one has access to the bets these syndicates place, and it’s not something that will occur on every bet you place with Trademate.

But, we’re pretty confident that if you place value bets with Trademate Sports, you’ll be on the same side as people like Tony Bloom a lot of the time!

Ever heard of the founder of Trademate Sports, Jonas Gjelstad? Well, he is also a professional sports bettor, check out our mini-documentary series of him here.


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