The 8 Biggest Betting Underdog Winners Including a 5000/1 Beauty

Sports is full of shocks, that is why we love it so much, the outcome is never certain regardless of who is participating.

The same applies to betting, favourites do not always win and depending on the actual sport you can get a 10/1 favourite winning or a 1/50 favourite winning, however, by the same criteria, 1/50 favourites do lose and outsiders at odds of 5000/1 emerge as the victors.

Let's start with the 5000/1 winner and that would be Leicester City winning the English Premier League back in 2016.

Leicester City win the Premier League 5000/1

At the start of that season, the Foxes were available at those outrageous odds and a few fans did avail themselves of such an offering. It is true that most punters got on around the 100/1 mark but there was a handful that landed the bet at 5000/1 and that stands as the biggest single underdog victory in the history of betting.

To put it more in perspective, Leicester was nearly relegated the previous season surviving by the skin of their teeth and were one of the favourites to be demoted the season they actually won the title.

Rulon Gardner 2000 Olympics Gold Medal Greco-Roman wrestling 2000/1

Not quite in the Leicester City range but 2000/1 is crazy odds and that is apparently what the American was rated at by the bookies to pick up a Gold Medal.

Gardner was a journeyman Greco-Roman wrestler, albeit a solid one but the sport was dominated by one Aleksandr Karelin who had not lost in 13 years and finished his career with 887 wins and just two losses, one of which was against Gardner.

The 2000/1 odds were pre-tournament odds and not the final odds.

Rulon Gardner 2004 Olympics

USA 1980 Ice Hockey Olympic Gold Medal 1000/1

More famously known as the miracle on Ice.

The Soviet Union were basically a shoo-in, they were absolutely dominant, they were a team full of seasoned professionals and had won 8 of the previous 9 Olympic finals.

The USA team were college students and rank 1000/1 outsiders at the start of the tournament and in fact, they got stuffed 10-3 by the Soviets in a pre-tournament match.

As the tournament unfolded the Americans grew in confidence and their odds began to tumble culminating in a 4-3 final win over the most dominant side to ever play Ice Hockey up to that moment.

Greece to win the 2004 Euros 150/1

This was a stunner for sure because the Greeks did not have to beat just a single opponent to win Europe's elite national football tournament but some of the superstars of the game. For starters, they had to qualify out of a group that saw Spain knocked out. Then they eliminated France in the quarter-finals and lifted the trophy after beating hosts Portugal in the final.

A truly remarkable run of form defying the huge 150/1 odds.

Joe Johnson winning 1986 World Snooker Championship 150/1

At the time the most dominant player in the sport was Steve Davies and he was the huge pre-tournament favourite to win a fourth world title. But, all the way down in the betting was the relatively unknown Johnson and those two would meet in the final where Johnson emerged the winner 18-12, at odds of 150/1.

Johnson actually returned to the final 12 months later but this time he lost 18-14 to Davies and normality was resumed.

Zimbabwe to beat Australia 100/1

Cricket has thrown up some humdingers down the years, I am sure many Cricket fans will remember the day Kenya beat the West Indies and that was regarded by some as the biggest shock in Cricket history, however, in terms of actual odds, it was not.

Kenya were 16/1 to beat the West Indies, which is still decent odds in a two-horse race. But it shades in comparison to the 100/1 that Zimbabwe were to beat the Aussies back in 1983.

That match was Zimbabwe's first-ever official one day game and they were expected to be beaten before lunch but they knocked up an impressive 239 while the Aussies could only scrape up 236, a stunning three-run win for the debutants.

Buster Douglas to beat Mike Tyson 42/1

Hindsight is a great thing and Douglas beating Tyson probably is not as big a shock as it should have been when you consider what was going on in Tyson's life at the time but it was a stunner in terms of betting, not many big outsiders in a two-person event win and certainly not at those sort of odds.

The average odds on Douglas winning was 40/1 but one Las Vegas bookie went out on a limb at 42/1 and the rest is history.

Europe to beat USA 2012 Ryder Cup 26/1

Another 2 team/person event and this time the odds became available in play prior to the final day when the USA led Europe 10-4, needing just 4 wins from the final 14 ties.

There have been some massive winners in play, especially in horse racing that has seen 1000/1 winners, generally when a horse has fallen and somehow been remounted and then goes on to win.

But as is the same in football, these are one-off moments in time in a fast-moving event, not before that day's events have taken place.

Europe was available at 26/1 on the final day and mounted a stirring comeback that saw them beat their American opponents 14 ½ to 13 ½.

ryder cup 2012

Notable others

Horse racing is renowned for throwing up some massive winners and probably the most famous big winner was Foinavon winning the 1967 Grand National. Golf is another sport with big priced winners, Trevor Immelman winning the 2008 Masters at 150/1 springs to mind as one example.

Away from Sports, there is political betting and Jeremy Corbyn to win the Labour Leadership election was initially priced at a mouth-watering 100/1

Finally, you can always place a bet on Elvis Presley being found alive at odds of 2500/1, well, that was the price available in 2016. Never say never as they say.

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