Strategies to help you beat an online casino

For some people, gambling is nothing other than a way to have fun. They do it to get the adrenaline rushing through their veins. If that’s your view too, then this article is not for you.

However, you might not belong to this category. You might think of gambling as a legit method to make money. If you believe luck can help you make a fortune, we say stop – but if you think there is a mathematical way to beat the casino, keep on reading!

We’re now going to tell you why it's not possible to beat the casino based on luck.

Can You Win Millions Gambling?

Can You Win Millions Gambling?

Hitting the jackpot and solving all your problems until the end of time definitely sounds good. Unfortunately, the chance of something like that happening is incredibly low.

First of all, your local casino probably doesn’t have enough money to pay you if you win millions. That’s why many of them decide on maximum payout limits beforehand.

According to the UK’s DCMS (Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport), most casinos in this country have a maximum payout of no more than £10,000.

Not enough? Well, you can always go to Vegas. Pack your stuff, book a plane ticket and head straight to one of the famous casinos on Las Vegas strip like Bellagio or Caesars Palace.

Mind you, that’s only possible if you have a lot of money in your pocket. We’re not just talking about the cost of travel and accommodation; we’re also talking about your gambling budget.

You can be sure that big casinos aren’t going to let you anywhere near their high-rollers’ tables unless you have enough money to roll it high. Unfortunately, what they consider ‘high’ is probably much higher than you think. We’re talking 7-figure numbers here…

Even if you had that sort of money, you would probably end up losing it. The fact is that the house almost always wins.

Why It’s Hard to Beat a Casino?

You’ve probably heard the saying “the house always wins”. In land-based casinos, this is ensured through the use of mathematics. It’s pretty simple really and to help you understand, we’re going to use the game of roulette as an example.

In regular roulette, there are 37 numbers on the wheel (from 0 to 36). If you win, your stake is multiplied by 36. What this means is if you cover all the numbers with equal stakes, you’re going to end up losing 1/37 of your total stake.

This principle enables the roulette owner to make a profit based on the total amount wagered by all the players. Some of them will win, some of them will lose, but in the long run, it’s the casino that gets the profit.

Of course, sometimes, casinos do hit a rough patch. However, this happens rarely, very rarely. You might have heard about Donald Trump’s casinos in Atlantic City getting bankrupt, but it had nothing to do with players’ winnings.

There were, however, some examples of casinos going bust due to high payouts, but that used to happen only to small casinos. Big casinos are just too big to fail.

Why It’s Practically Impossible to Beat an Online Casino

Casino RTP explained

One of the reasons why the number of small independent casinos is going down is that the industry is slowly moving online. There are literally hundreds of small casino websites out there and their number is increasing all the time.

Their success is due to their popularity. People just love betting from the comfort of their homes. However, there’s one more reason why online casinos have been successful – they use sophisticated methods to ensure their profits.

The return to player (RTP) is the term to remember. Thanks to this, online casinos have the luxury to decide how much of the wagered money is returned to the players.

In most cases, it’s about 95-98%, although it all depends on the type of the game, as well as its developer.

What this means is that out of all the money all the players have wagered on a game, 2-5% goes to the casino. The other 95-98% is distributed back to the players in the form of winnings.

How to Beat an Online Casino.

Well, now we covered why it's near to impossible to beat an online casino based on pure luck, key word: RTP! The house always win right? Well, not actually! It is possible to beat an online casino, let us show you!

The RTP work like this: Let's say the RTP is 95%, which means that for every €100 wagered, you will get €95 back, and therefore lose €5 for every €100 wagered.

Okay but you're probably thinking: But sometimes players hit the jackpot, while sometimes people lose it all? Yes we know, we were just getting to that!

Next to RTP, there's something called variance. This basically means that sometimes a player can either hit big or lose it all, but this is a short-term fluctuation.

Imagine if you are to drive somewhere, it could be to your cabin, your summer house, your parents or whatever. On the way you get stuck in a traffic queue (variance), this means in no way that you won't arrive at your final destination (RTP).

Okay, you now know the basics of online casinos. But now to the interesting part, how to make money!

There are over thousands of online casinos, and to get you to play on their site, they wil most of the time offer you some kind of bonus. Let's say the bonus is a €10 cash bonus if you stake €100!

You stake the €100 at a casino with a 95% RTP, which means you will lose €5, but then you will get a €10 cash bonus, meaning that you will win €5! (€100 + €10 (cash bonus) - €5 (€100 - 95% RTP) = €105.))

If you use around 20-30 minutes on this every day, you can easily make over €100 each and every month by exploiting bonuses offered by casinos.

Why It Is Possible to Beat the Bookies?

If you want to play it safe and win money, our advice is to focus on Matched Betting.

It is based on mathematics and relies on the same underlying principles that the house uses to get an edge over you. This betting strategy has nothing to do with gambling. It is all about taking advantage of bonus offers given by bookmakers.

Instead of risking money to win money, Matched Betting eliminates all risk from the equation, while ensuring your profits. What it does is help you clear the bonuses and turn them into real money.

By doing this, you can make yourself more than €1000 in a month. If this sounds good, we recommend reading more about Matched Betting here. So that you understand how and why it actually works.

The best thing is that Matched Betting is not the only method you can use to beat the bookies. You can also do value betting, which is the next step once you have used up all of the bonus offers.

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