Clone Bookies: A Second Chance at Getting the Best Prices

Written by Miles Wigby- @wyattbets on Twitter.

Bookie restrictions can be one of the toughest obstacles in sports betting. You may have found a bookie that consistently prices a certain market incorrectly and you’ve been smashing their lines for a long period of time - but all of a sudden you’re restricted! Luckily, most bookies have clones where all the odds are identical, so you can simply sign up to their second version and get back to betting. Below is a list of clone bookies I have found, in most cases one or multiple will be available on Trademate Sports. Remember, the odds are the same, so if only the original bookie is listed on Trademate then you can use the other bookmaker for the same prices!

Firstly I recommend referring to this article, previously on the Trademate blog for what bookmakers are available in your country.

Also take into consideration the various types of clone bookies. The standard clone bookie is an identical bookmaker with a different name, with the sole purpose of targeting a different customer group. This type will be the focus of the article.

There are also clone bookies you won’t be able to use because they are not in your geographic region. The USA, UK and Australia typically have stricter gambling laws. For example, and Paddy Power have the same odds but operate in different countries, so you won’t be able to use both of these bookmakers.

Semi-clone books are those that use the same odds compilers or just copy the odds of the more established bookmaker. These examples I won’t include in this article because they tend to use different traders, meaning the odds move at different speeds and they may not cover all the same markets, which isn’t helpful for Trademate purposes.

To make it as easy as possible to find the clone bookmakers you are looking for, I’ve listed them in alphabetical order by the version I consider the biggest brand of all the clones.


  1. Mansion88
  2. Zzun88
  3. Jin828
  4. 1bet
  5. 36bol
  6. V1bet
  7. Veb11
  8. Dafabet
  9. Maxbet
  10. Fun88
  11. RossoPoker
  12. RB88
  13. IBCbet
  14. Vwin


  1. TouTou
  2. Anobet
  3. Roadbet
  4. V9betvn


  1. Comeon
  2. 138
  3. 377bet
  4. Netbet
  5. Odeonbet10
  6. Paradise win
  7. Tlcbet
  8. Jenningsbet
  9. Jojobet2
  10. Mobilbet
  11. Properwin
  12. Realdealbet
  13. Redstar Sports
  14. Betrally
  15. BetFirst
  16. BetVision
  17. BetFinal
  18. WilsonBet


  1. Nicabet
  2. VietBet
  3. Chinesebookie
  4. Betanysports
  5. Bombaybets
  6. IslandCasino


  1. Expekt


  1. GalaxySport
  2. Justbet
  3. Betdsi


  1. Totesport


  1. Sportsbetting
  2. LowVig


  1. Betsafe
  2. Nordicbet
  3. Dhoze
  4. Triobet
  5. 13bets10


  1. ApolloBet
  2. BetMclean
  3. Seaniemac


  1. MCbookie


  1. Sportingbet
  2. Dinamobet
  3. Partypoker
  4. Gamebookers
  5. GiocoDigital


  1. Allyoubet


  1. BetCenter

Ladbrokes (UK version only)

  1. Coral
  2. Bookmaker
  3. Sportium


  1. OddSring



  1. Statusbet


  1. Rivalo


  1. Caliente
  2. Winner
  3. Vernons


  1. 888Sport
  2. Mr Green
  3. 32Redsport
  4. Paf
  5. Napoleongames
  6. Suertia
  7. Premierapuestas

We hope this helps. Please let us know on our customer support if we have missed any important clones!

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