Differences Between RebelBetting and Trademate Sports - What's The Best Value Betting Software?

Trademate Sports and Rebelbetting both offer a value betting software and in this article, we will list and highlight the most important differences between the two.

If you are new to value betting, you might be asking yourself what exactly is value betting and how does a value betting software works. Basically what a value betting software does is that it scans odds across multiple bookmakers in order to find inaccuracies in betting markets and gives you an opportunity to exploit those inaccuracies. This is a big topic that deserves its own article and you can read more about it here.

Before we highlight the main differences between Trademate Sports and Rebelbetting, it is important to be aware that Rebelbetting also offer an arbitrage betting software which means that they are not 100% dedicated to perfecting their value betting software. On the other hand, here at Trademate Sports, we are only focused on value betting and it is something we spend every minute of our working day to perfect.

1. Live Stats

On our website's homepage, you can clearly follow our live community stats, where you can check out our current ROI, number of trades, turnover and more. We believe transparency is the most important part of this industry and we are so confident in our product that we are happy to show our live stats. Rebelbetting does not have this feature. We also report monthly on our user results and are never afraid to report when we have losing month in a certain sport. Follow our monthly results here.

2. Number of Betting Markets

The number of betting markets that Trademate Sports offers is much higher than what Rebelbetting offers in their software. The reason why this is important is that you will be able to place more bets, and therefore turnover your bankroll more times on a monthly basis, giving yourself a better chance to make a profit from betting.

Betting Markets Trademate Sports offers:

  • 1x2
  • Moneyline
  • Draw no bet
  • Asian Handicap
  • European Handicap
  • Over/Under
  • Tennis game handicap
  • Tennis set & game over/under
  • Tennis set & game handicap

Betting Markets Rebelbetting offers:

  • Win (Moneyline)
  • 1x2
  • Asian Handicap
  • Over/Under

One more thing that is very important to keep in mind. With Trademate Sports you are allowed to set up as many presets as you wish instead of just 2, so it is much easier to separate different types of presets that you want in regards to selecting a specific sport and odds types that you need. For example, the Tennis betting market is a much different betting market than other sports, so it's very important to have a specific preset only for Tennis matches, which you can do with Trademate. Whereas with Rebelbetting you are limited to 2 presets. Most of our users have over 5 presets.

3. Dashboard

The dashboard is the first section that you are introduced to when logging into your Trademate account. It gives you a clear overview of your profits, ROI, number of bets you have placed so far, amount of turnover, percentage of your fund growth, breakdown of statistics with individual bookmakers you are using, and a graph showing your net results compared to the number of bets placed. This is a very important factor that differentiates Trademate Sports from Rebelbetting as it constantly gives you an update on your current betting situation and a breakdown of your main stats that you should always be mindful of.

You can get an idea of how the Dashboard inside Trademate Sports works in the picture below and we also made a detailed video which you can check out on Youtube.

Dashboard inside Trademate Sports Software

4. Big Data Tool

The Big Data Tool is an important feature provided by Trademate Sports because with the Big Data Tool you are able to see the results from the Trademate users in the last 10,000 trades, which is a more than a sufficient sample size to get an idea of what is going on and if the edge is actually there. You are able to see statistics over a specific bookmaker, sports, odds types, odds range, edges, dates, time range before kick-off and over a specific bet size. To get a better picture of how the Big Data Tool works and why is it so important, check out the video below. Rebelbetting do not have this feature inside their software, so you are completely left in the dark if you want to analyse your results.

5. Live Results

Both softwares have implemented a Bet Tracker, but the significant difference is that Trademate Sports allows you to follow live bets and how they are progressing. Additionally, you are able to see the edge you took and what the closing edge was when the match started. Watch the video below.

6. Value Bets with a 7%+ Edge

Trademate Core and ValueBetting Starter are both a product that offers bets with soft bookmakers. But the huge difference is that if you want edges that are 7% or higher you will need to buy the Pro version of Rebelbetting which costs €30 more than Trademate Core. With Trademate Core, there is no such thing and you will get notified for any match that has value, no matter how big the edge is! As you may know, the bigger the edge, the more profitable you will be in the long run, so unless you pay the bigger subscription price, you are missing out on a lot of great bets!

Additionally, this limitation makes it a problem to place a substantial amount of bets. It occurs on a regular basis and you can see that in the picture below. The statistics in the picture below are from the first week of March, 2021, with all the soft bookmakers that Trademate Sports offers. There were 8,000+ bets that had a 7% edge or bigger during that time! So if you use Rebelbetting's ValueBetting Starter you will be missing out on lots of very profitable trades!

Trademate Sports Bets above 7%

7. Option to input a bet manually (Game Center)

Unlike Rebelbetting, with the Trademate Sports software, you are able to input bets manually through a Game Center. That includes games that have already played out, games in progress and upcoming games. Additionally, you are able to get an overview of all pre-match odds with 90+ bookmakers. A very useful feature to quickly spot the best odds.

8. Free Trial

With Trademate Sports, on a 7-day free trial, you get access to all the value bets as you would with a normal subscription. But with Rebelbetting it is a bit different, you are only allowed a limited number of bets, and if you want to get access to them you are asked to buy a subscription.

Also, if you join our Facebook group, Beat the Bookmakers, you can get an additional 7 days on your free trial by entering the code BTB once you sign-up.

9. Price

When it comes to deciding on which software to use the price tag is a really important thing to take into consideration. A monthly subscription with Trademate Sports is €120 or €300 if you decide on the quarterly subscription (100€ per month). A monthly subscription with Rebelbetting is €79.

Now we know what you might be thinking, “why are you highlighting this if your subscription costs more?”. Well, the answer is really simple. With Trademate Core you are getting more betting markets to play on and we offer value bets that are above 7% edges. What does this mean for the end-user of Trademate Sports? It means that you will be able to place significantly more bets. And our users’ data shows that more trades equals more profits. Additionally, with Trademate Sports you are offered a much more advanced bet tracker and the possibility to input your bets manually through the Game Center where you can also check all the prices of all the bookmakers for any given match.

You don't even need to take our word for why Trademate Sports is the best value betting software out there! Louis, who works for Rebelbetting and has his own Youtube channel has said that "Trademate Sports is undoubtedly the best value betting software out there. It comes with a number of advanced features that aren’t present in other value betting software." Read his full review of Trademate here.

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