What is the European Handicap and how does it work?

The European Handicap (EH) is very similar to the Asian handicap (AH), with the main difference being that this market is focused on 3 selections instead of 2; home win, draw & away win.

For instance, a game between the winners of the 2019/20 Champions League, Bayern Munich, and Lokomotiv Moscow in group A. It is quite obvious that Bayern Munich is a big favorite in this match-up.

An example of the European Handicap would look like this:

Bayern Munich (-1) = 1.65 in odds.

Draw (-1) = 3.9 in odds.

Lokomotiv Moscow (+1) = 4.10 in odds.

What wager wins depends on the selection you have decided on inside this market. This means that if you selected Bayern Munich (-1) and they win by two or more goals then your wager has won, but if they win by only 1 goal of difference then your bet has lost. So examples of a winning scoreline would be Munich winning 2-0, 3-1, 4-2, etc.

If Bayern wins by 1 goal, the selection of Draw (-1) wins. So you’re basically saying, I’m betting on the favorite to win by a margin of 1 goal, and if you took that 1 goal advantage away it would be a draw. Winning scorelines in this scenario are 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, etc.

If Lokomotiv Moscow draws or wins the game then the Lokomotiv Moscow (+1) wager wins. Note that if Bayern wins by one goal, you would lose the bet.

The main difference here is to understand is that if Bayern Munich with a wager of Asian Handicap (-1) or Lokomotiv Moscow (+1) and Bayern win the game by exactly 1 goal of difference then the bet would be voided and you would have your stake returned to you, but with the European handicap, the wager would be considered a loss as the draw selection would be the winning outcome.

Bayern Munich EH (-1) is the same as AH (-1.5).

EH Draw (-1) does not have an Asian handicap alternative.

Lokomotiv Moscow EH (+1) is the same as AH (+0.5).

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