FAQs From New Trademate Sports Customers

Below are some great questions we get asked by Trademate Sports users regularly, along with the answers for each query.

Question: I've been using the free trial for a day or two and have reached about 100 trades. I'm wondering how volume can affect the lifetime of your accounts, for example if one is making 100 trades a day, how long could they expect their accounts to stay unrestricted, compared to someone who does 20-30 trades a day?

Answer: It does increase the likelihood, yes. The best way to counter this is to spread the bets out over more bookies. Still, the end goal is to make money from it and placing more trades is what's necessary. So I would not make fewer trades. Read this article for the best tips on how to avoid being limited by bookies.

Question: Once accounts are restricted are there any viable ways to get around that long term? Is buying accounts from friends/family a good idea? Or are there other alternatives to continue using value betting long term as a source of income.

Answer: We can't really comment too much on this besides saying that it is very common to do. Google has the answers.

Question: I have roughly 750 USD spread across 5 bookies, is this an acceptable starting bankroll? Or do you think more is required in order to offset the software cost, as well as make my time invested worth the profit?

Answer: Ideally you should have $1k. It's not a deal breaker at $750. Especially if you can boost your bankroll by beating some signup offers. You can counter a lower starting bankroll by taking more time and placing more trades. In the end one wants to maximise the turnover/trades placed.

Question: I am currently using some basic presets; all sports with 2-50% edge shown, all leagues and roughly showing 0-6 hours before the game begins. Is there any alternative presets you recommend I use? I'd like to weigh-up my options because I’m aiming towards getting as much volume as possible, with as accurate odds, and if possible also factoring in extending the lifetime of my accounts?

Answer: I'd have a look at this article I wrote about how I've organised my presets. Use that as the base and if you want more trades, you can loosen the parameters a bit.

Question: With all this in mind, consider that I work from home at my computer and can easily achieve 12+ hours a day being diligent in value betting, so if anyone has any ideas/strategies I could employ to take advantage of that, I'd be interested to hear?

Answer: A general tip would be that the majority of trades happen in the hours leading up to games. Typically 11pm-3pm UK time on weekends and 6pm-8pm from Tuesday-Thursday. So spend the majority of your trading around those hours. You can also just have Trademate open in your browser and check it during the workday when you're taking a break; place some trades and go back to work.

Question: I'm concerned about if you get your account shut down on a soft bookmaker and they hold your money and not withdraw it to you?

Answer: No, they just limit your stakes. It is extremely rare that you would have problems getting the money out. I would recommend doing the KYC process right after you sign-up though, to speed up the withdrawal process.

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