Week 2 (+$815): How Much Money Can I Make from 1 Month of Matched Betting?

Joachim takes us through week 2 of his Sports Betting Journey, where he was able to turn over his third bonus, and have just started number 4 and 5! The two new bookmakers being Mobilebet and 888Sports.

Note: The Sports Betting Journey has been on hold for a couple of weeks due to the coronavirus and no sporting event, so even though week 1 came out a long time ago, this will be counted as the second week of Joachim’s Sports Betting Journey.

Welcome, welcome, welcome back everyone! It’s been roughly 11 weeks since we last saw each other, and wow, i'm excited! Hopefully i’ve learned a lot from the last two videos, and hopefully this might indicate why you should do some matched betting as well.

We got a lot to talk about, so let’s jump right into it!

So, for those couple of millions of you that actually remember my week 1 video, you might remember that I managed to turn over the Bet365 & Leovegas bonus, and that I’d just started turning over the Betsson bonus as well.


Well, since then I was able to turn over my Betsson bonus of 2000 NOK, or €200. The funny thing though is that Betsson offered me another bonus when Bundesliga came out!

They offered me a 2500 NOK ‘free bet’ if I deposited another 2500 NOK. This is something I of course did, and I staked the entire bonus amount on one match!

I managed to win the bet on the ‘Sportmarket’ site, while losing it on the Betsson site, meaning that I turned over the entire amount of 2500 NOK on one single bet.

Regarding what I will to next, I’ve started turning over two new bonuses, mobilebet & 888Sport.

The Mobilebet bonus is a deposit 2,000 kr bonus and get 2,000 kr to play for. The turnover requirement is 8 times, minimum odds is 1.80 and you got 30 days to turn it over.

The 888Sport bonus on the other hand is a 1,000 kr bonus, with a turnover requirement of 1 time and a minumum odds of 1.50!

The 888Sport bonus would therefore be one of the easiest bonuses to turn over, maybe slightly behind the Bet365 one.

So that will be my mission the upcoming week, except for that I really want to show you guys how I turn over the bonuses, and how easily you guys can do the same thing.

Therefore, if I get 50 likes and 20 comments on my week 2 YouTube video, I will do a live stream for you guys! That way you can ask any questions you might have, and I will try to answer them the best way that I can.

Obama thumbs up

Nevertheless, it’s been a real pleasure as always! Thank you for watching/reading, and I’ll see you guys soon!

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