How To Avoid Gambling When Matched Betting

The most important thing to realise when you’re starting your Matched Betting journey is to understand that it isn’t gambling! Let us show you why these two things are not to be compared.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is a risk-free method of using the bonuses/free bets online bookmakers offer to new & existing customers to guarantee ourselves profit. The profit is guaranteed because we can implement the basics principles of Matched Betting - BACK & COVER bets.

When placing a bet through a bookmaker, you are wagering a stake on a particular event to occur, e.g LA Lakers to beat NY Knicks - THIS IS KNOWN AS THE BACK BET

Now if we were to only place the BACK bet then there would be a possibility of losing our entire stake if the Lakers were to lose. To stop this from happening we have to place an opposite wager on the NY Knicks - THIS IS KNOWN AS THE COVER BET.

When placing these two bets (BACK and COVER) on the game we have eliminated all risk from this wager and eliminated all aspects of gambling.


Once you have an understanding of how Matched Betting works you can see how easily it is to earn a consistent online income.But now we want to give you a short glimpse into the cruel world of online gambling and how the bookmakers try and trick you into losing all of your money.

How do bookmakers make money?

Bookmakers make money because of one thing, mug punters. A mug punter is an industry term for someone who doesn’t have a ‘plan’ when betting. They will be somebody who places bets on certain teams because they have a ‘hunch’ or the odds are high or somebody who places a 10x fold accumulator in the hopes of winning big.

All of these mug punters will lose money over the long term and this makes them the bookmakers dream.

Finding the edge in sports betting

Another way in which bookmakers will come out on top is because they have an edge over the market. The bookmakers will manipulate their odds to make sure that no matter the outcome of the event they will receive more than they payout.

There are ways to reduce or flip the edge into the punters favour and Matched Betting is one of these ways, as is Value Betting.

Learn more about Value Betting from our partners over at Trademate Sports

But rest assured, bookmakers hate anybody who has an edge over them and they will happily restrict your access to their services if they think you may be profitable.

Yes they can do that. Bookmakers can take thousands off of people but as soon as they suspect you are knowledgeable they will kick you out and focus on the mug punters instead.

Bookmakers are cruel and we should smile everytime we take a penny from them.

How to use free bets and bonuses

Here at Oddshero we have over 10 years combined experience of Matched Betting and we have endless stories of people who use the free bets and bonuses they receive to place mug bets.

Please do not become one of these people!

Matched Betting can be an unbelievable source of income that can improve your finances if you follow the principles closely. It may be tempting to risk that £/€10 free bet on a high odds accumulator instead of placing the bets to guarantee ourselves £/€8 but we can assure you that this will fail in the long term.

We want you to celebrate every time you take profit away from the bookmakers, no matter how small. It all adds up!

Online casino and slots

Lastly we want you to be aware of the most destructive tactic bookmakers use against mug punters, the online slots.

The slots have grown rapidly over the last few years and there are horror stories of people losing hundreds of thousands on these ‘games’ due to their addictive nature.

Online slots are designed to be addictive

Above is an example of a slot widely used by all of the online bookmakers. The slots can be seen as fun or harmless but they are designed to be addictive and to target people who are vulnerable.

They use bright colours, exciting visuals and the hope of winning ‘big’. Some people are more susceptible to these games and if there is a slight chance you are being lured in then please stop. We cannot stress this enough, you should stay away from the online casino and slots when Matched Betting.

There are ways to profit from these games but it is only advised for experienced Matched Bettors. Message us below if you wish to learn more.


Matched Betting can be a hugely rewarding way to make some extra money online if you stick to the principles and avoid gambling. If you consistently use the bonuses/free bets to lock in a small profit then you can earn more than £/€500 per month, with a lot of Matched Bettors earning £/€1000 per month.

It is also crucial that you are not tempted by any of the casino or slot games, as they are heavily skewed in the bookmaker’s favour and you will lose money if you play them.

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