How To Do Matched Betting In Finland

Matched Betting has been one of the best ways to make money for the past decade and it continues to provide for those who have only just discovered it.

Here we are going to show you why you must be Matched Betting if you live in Finland and exactly how to get started.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is a risk-free system that takes advantage of the free bets and bonuses online bookmakers offer to new and existing customers.

Using a two bet system we can eliminate all of the risk associated with sports betting and guarantee ourselves a profit from the offers we receive.

Is Matched Betting legal in Finland?

Yes, Matched Betting is 100% legal for Finnish bettors.

Matched Betting is only illegal if gambling itself is illegal. Thankfully, gambling has been legal in Finland for over a century.

Unlike most other countries, Finland has only one legally run betting company.

Veikkaus is a state-owned sports betting company which holds a monopoly on the Finnish gambling industry.

As Veikkaus is state-owned, the profits from the company are redistributed into government programs, suchs as the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Here is a breakdown of the Profit Distribution.

  • 53% to the Ministry of Education and Culture for improving sports and physical education, science, arts and youth work;
  • 43% to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health for improving health and social welfare;
  • 4% to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for improving horse racing.

As a member of the European Union, Finland has become under increased pressure to eliminate the monopoly Veikkaus has on the industry, and allow more competition.

Do you have to pay Taxes on winnings?

Thankfully, because the government already receives money from Veikkaus, sports bettors are not required to pay taxes on their winnings.


The best bookmakers for Matched Betting in Finland?

Even though Veikkaus is technically the only legal gambling company in Finland, Finnish sports bettors can easily access foreign companies.

Similar to Norway, the Finnish government does not punish players from betting on the foreign bookmakers.


One of the largest online companies in the world, it is no surprise that Bet365 is popular among Finnish bettors. As of 2019, Bet365 is currently thenumber oneforeign bookmaker used in Finland.

Bet365 Signup Bonus

Signup Bonus

Bet365 is highly recommended for new Matched Bettors as they offer a great signup bonus for us to profit from.

The best part is that you can use the Oddshero software to turnover the Bet365 bonus for free!

Bet365 offers new customers a €100 bonus if they bet €100 of their own money.

Using the techniques of Matched Betting, we can easily make around €90 profit from just this signup bonus.

Reload Offers

One of the ways Bet365 stands out from the other bookmakers is their continuous generosity.

Bet365 regularly sends out Reload Offers encouraging you to bet with them and we can use these to earn ourselves a continuous stream of income.

Learn why Bet365 is one of the best bookmakers for Matched Betting


One of the up and coming online bookmakers, Speedybet is quickly becoming one of the best available.

Founded by Swedish bettors, Speedybet is focusing entirely on how to make the process of placing bets as easy as possible. With no accounts required and instant withdrawals, Speedybet is redefining what it means to be an online bookmaker.

Speedybet Finnish offer

Signup bonus

Speedybet offers a great signup bonus for Finnish bettors with the chance to receive a €400 bonus!

In order to receive the full €400, players have to deposit and wager €200 of their own money. Again, thanks to Matched Betting we can guarantee ourselves almost €400 profit from this offer alone!

Speedybet epitomises the new modern bookmaker and they look like they will be continuing to push the boundaries of sports betting and are a must for all Matched Bettors.


Betfair is perhaps the most famous name in sports betting, thanks to their market leading betting exchange, however, they are also one of the best sportsbooks currently in operation.

For Finnish sports bettors, they’re offering a €100 signup bonus for new customers.

In order to receive the bonus, you have to place a €10 bet to receive a €20 free bet.You can then repeat this process five times to receive the full €100.

Many More

Finnish bettors have a huge advantage over many countries because of the easy access they have to all foreign bookmakers.

Here at Oddshero, we have around 70 signup bonuses,all of which you can profit from and earn yourself up to €3000 in profits!


The Finnish betting industry is currently controlled by the government with Veikkaus having a state-owned monopoly.

However, thanks to online gambling, Finnish players can legally access any bookmakers they want and all betting income is tax-free.

Signup to Oddshero for free and earn your first €100 signup bonus with Bet365 today!

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