How to do Matched Betting on Baseball and the MLB

America’s favourite pastime is also one of the best sports for Matched Betting. If you would like to learn why this is the case, read further because we’re going to discuss all the advantages of Baseball and particularly MLB for this betting strategy.

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3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Known as ‘America’s favourite pastime’, Baseball is one of the most popular sports among bettors from North America.
  2. There is a huge number of MLS matches to choose from, with each team playing 162 league games throughout the season!
  3. Oddshero is the tool to use if you want to do Matched Betting on MLS.

Reasons Why Baseball is Good for Matched Betting

In 2018, sports betting was no longer illegal in the United States. The Supreme Court lifting the ban, allowing each individual state to decide on the legality of betting on its own. Since then, a number of states have made sports betting legal and regulated, the result of which is the emergence of online sportsbooks focused on the American market.

Apart from the US-based online bookmaker, a number of established European sportsbooks have also decided to spread their business overseas. The result of this is that a large number of Americans have now become passionate bettors. So, what do Americans like betting on? Baseball, of course.

This sport is one of the most popular for American bettors, who wager millions of dollars every week on events from the MLB. What this means is that if you decide to focus on Baseball events for Matched Betting, you’re not going to seem suspicious. For your bookmaker, you’re going to look the same as millions of other bettors who love this sport.

MLB Betting Helps You Stay Gubbing-Free

MLB Betting Will Not Get Your Account Suspended

You may wonder why it is important to give away the impression that you’re just another bettor, rather than a Matched Bettor. The reason is that Matched Betting is a sure-bet system that guarantees you make money, not the bookmaker. Losing money is something bookmakers hate, which is why they’re not too keen on letting Matched Bettors do their thing.

In order to protect themselves from handing out money, many online bookmakers have included special clauses in their Terms & Conditions. One of the most common clauses is that the bookmaker has the right to limit or suspend anyone’s account without any need of explaining the reason. What this practically means, is that if they suspect you are doing Matched Betting, nothing is stopping them from limiting you.

The best way to ensure such a scenario doesn’t happen is to bet on popular events. If you’re from North America or you’re betting at a bookmaker that’s focused on that market, Baseball is the perfect choice. MLB games are watched by millions of people, with thousands of bettors putting their money on every game.

Advantages of MLB for Matched Betting

Now that you know that Baseball is a good sport for Matched Betting, it’s time to find out why the MLB is the best Baseball league for this purpose. Well, the answer is pretty obvious – there are no other competitions that come near the MLB in terms of player quality.

The MLB is the world’s best Baseball competition, where the world’s best players compete. Because of that, the league is incredibly popular, not just among sports fans but also among bettors. Significantly more money is wagered on the MLB than on any other Baseball league.

Another reason why MLB is a good choice for Matched Betting is the fact that there are plenty of matches to choose from.

162 Games per Team per Season!

An MLB team plays 162 Games per Season

An MLB team gets to play a lot of matches over the course of a single season. Each of the 30 MLB teams has to play 162 matches in a regular season.

In comparison, an NFL team plays 17 and NBA & NHL teams play 82 games during the regular season.

Add to that the pre-season games and those in the playoffs and you will see that there are plenty of betting options before you. Speaking of which, MLS is also great for the high number of betting markets available. You can bet on things like 1x2, points spreads, number of points and so on. (LINK TO ARTICLE UNDERLINED)

How to do Matched Betting on MLS Games

Assuming that you know what Matched Betting is, it’s time to learn how to do it by betting on MLS events. To help you out, we’re now going to give you a short step-by-step guide.

Step 1 – Sign-Up to Oddshero****

Finding Matched Bets on your own is extremely difficult, which is why a much more sensible choice is to let a Matched Betting software take care of the hard work for you. Oddshero stands at your service if you wish your Matched Betting adventure to go smoothly.

Step 2 – Sign-up to a Bonus Bookmaker

There are 65+ Bonus Bookmakers that you can use with the Oddshero software. It’s up to you to choose which one(s) you are going to use for Matched Betting. Although all of them are giving you attractive bonuses, not all of them will let you bet the bonus funds on Baseball. Doing a little bit of research before opting for a bonus would be the right thing to do.

Step 3 – Start With Matched Betting

To turn the bonus funds into withdrawable money, you need to fulfill its wagering requirement. Matched Betting helps you achieve that. What you have to do is place one bet at the Bonus Bookmaker and bet just the opposite at the Cover Bookmaker or betting exchange.

Let’s say an MLS duel between Chicago White Sox and San Francisco Giants is your Matched Betting choice. What you have to do is bet the White Sox at Bonus Bookmaker, while betting Giants at the Cover Bookmaker.

Step 4 – Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Depending on the wagering requirement, you might need to repeat the same process again a couple of times. It doesn’t matter how many times you have to do it, as once you’ve cleared your bonus, you’re still going to end up with a profit. That’s the beauty of Matched Betting!

Step 5 – Collect Your Money

With Matched Betting, you always win. It doesn’t matter which bet wins, you’re going to make money. If the Bonus Bet wins, you’re going to clear the wagering requirement of the Bonus Bookmaker. On the other hand, if the bet at the Cover Bookmaker/betting exchange wins, you’re going to collect winnings there too! In either case, profits will come your way.

Key Takeaways

  • Baseball is a sport known as “America’s favourite pastime”.
  • Each MLS team has to play 162 matches in a single season.
  • Oddshero will help you do Matched Betting with MLB.

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