Is Matched Betting Gambling?

Is Matched Betting Gambling? – This is a perfectly legit question to ask if you’re not familiar with this method. The short answer is NO! If you’re looking for a longer answer, just keep on reading!

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Top 3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Matched betting is based on mathematics, not on gambling.
  2. With matched betting, you win regardless of the outcome.
  3. Oddshero reduces the risks by dealing only with the most reliable bookmakers.

Why Matched Betting is Not a Form of Gambling?

As it’s involving placing sports bets, matched betting might make you think that gambling is involved. But, it’s not…

By definition, gambling is the money wagering on uncertain outcomes. But, with matched betting, there’s no uncertainty – whatever happens, you’re the winner!

If you would like to learn how every aspect of matched betting works, our website is a great source of information. You definitely want to browse through our website as that’s how you can really learn a lot about this method.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we’ll let you go wander away before explaining how matched betting works and why it’s far from being a form of gambling.

In a nutshell, matched betting is a math-based method based on bookmaker bonuses. In order to get the players swarming to their sportsbook, many bookmakers are offering lucrative incentives. In most cases, they come in the form of sign-up bonuses.

Bookmaker’s Welcome Bonus

If you’re a regular bettor, that is, a gambling person, you would use that bonus to place a bet which could either be a winning or a losing one. The chances are that your bet is gonna end up in the latter category, considering bettors lose much more often than they win. According to the Freakonomics podcast the Economics of Gambling, 97% of sports bettors lose money. Don’t be like the 97%.

Plus, there’s probably some kind of wagering condition attached to the bonus. In this particular case, in order to clear the bonus, your bets need to be on odds higher than 1.20. This means that you could bet this money on big favorites. The trouble is that even the biggest favorites sometimes lose.

And when there’s even the slightest chance for you to lose, it’s called gambling. So, how to get rid of the risk? By using matched betting!

Matched betting eliminates the risk that you might lose. This is achieved by covering all the potential outcomes of the event. By betting on any possible outcome, you make sure that you win no matter what happens.

In order to do that, you make your bet with the bonus funds, while simultaneously laying it at a betting exchange. Practically, you’re betting that the outcome will not happen.

To figure out where to lay those bets and how much money to stake you will need some help. But, worry not, Oddshero is here to take care of the hard work.

All you got to do is choose the bookmaker where you wish to grab your bonus, as well as pick a betting exchange where you wish to lay your bets. The Oddshero software will then find the bets you need to make, as well as calculate the exact stakes you should place in order to get a guaranteed profit.

Apart from helping you find the best-value options at betting exchanges, Oddshero can also help you find profitable bets at Cover Bookmakers. And the best thing is that this feature is available in the free version of our matched betting tool!

Are There Really No Risks in Matched Betting?

Matched Betting and Maths

Matched betting is based on mathematics and such, it’s completely flawless. However, there might be some risks involved, depending on the bookmakers’ policies regarding their bonus deals.

The whole reason why bookmakers are in the sports betting business is to make profits. And some of them can be pretty greedy when money is in question. The bookmakers want to give away as little money as possible.

This is why they might come up with certain rules that could limit your success with matched betting. Some might decide to reserve the right to change the odds at any given moment, even after your bonus has been staked. That’s something that could seriously damage your profits.

Other bookmakers might decide to simply deny you your bonus. They can do it without providing any explanation. Even worse, they also have the right to limit or even suspend your account if they feel like it.

And if such a scenario does play out, it’s very difficult to get your account white-listed again. In fact, in most cases, it’s best to give up on that bookmaker entirely. If a bookie is too easy on gubbing its players, it means that the problem is not in the players but in the bookmaker.

Of course, most of them aren’t like that. Most online bookmakers do not gub (also referred to as gubbing, get limited or banned) the players straight away. Still, it’s always wise to keep your eyes wide open.

Bookmaker Terms and Conditions

So, what are you supposed to do to deal with these risks? It’s best if you read the Terms and Conditions of every bonus deal. That is where you can find the small print that tells you everything about your chances of being gubbed if you decide to try to claim that bonus.

By reading the T&Cs, you can significantly reduce the risk of getting limited or suspended. The bad news is that this would take too much of your time. But, don’t worry, there is a solution.

Considering that there is a really huge number of bonus-offering bookmakers out there, you can simply avoid those that haven’t proven their user-friendliness. If a bookmaker has ‘gubbed’ a countless number of accounts before, it’s best if you stayed away from them.

Sure, finding reliable bookmakers which don’t mind giving away bonuses is not easy work. But, we’ve already done it!

We picked out more than 65 bookmakers, each of which has proven themselves as reliable and user-friendly. You can have peace of mind if you decide to use them for matched betting via Oddshero.

How Does Matched Betting Compare to Other Money-Making Strategies?

Matched betting seems superior to all the other math-based methods for making profits in sports betting.

It’s better than arbing, for example, for the fact that arbers are easily busted. Bookmakers don’t have problems figuring out who’s doing arbs, after which they simply limit or suspend that player’s account.

And when it comes to sports trading, once again, matched betting seems like a better choice. The reason is that despite being pretty safe, trading does involve a little bit of gambling. Matched betting, on the other hand, is completely gambling-free.

But, what about money-making strategies that have nothing to do with sports betting? Things like Forex trading, stock exchange, cryptocurrency trading? These methods are often discussed as great ways to make quick cash.

Stock Exchange

Well, matched betting is at least equally safe as those methods if not even safer. There hasn’t been a Great Matched Betting Crash like it was with the stock exchange. The stock market crash of 2008 caused American companies to lose billions of dollars. The worst thing that can happen to you with matched betting is not to get a bonus from a bookmaker.

And even that is very unlikely to happen, especially if you decide to use the Oddshero Matched Betting tool to guide you through the whole process.

3 Key Takeaways

  1. The whole point of Matched Betting is that you don’t have to sweat over what’s going to happen in a match. You’re the winner, no matter what’s the outcome.
  2. If you win all the time, you can’t think of Matched Betting as a form of gambling.
  3. The only risk here is that you can get gubbed, but even that can easily be avoided with the help of Oddshero!

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