Is Matched Betting Legal?

One of the most common questions people ask when they first discover Matched Betting is whether it is legal. We are here to officially put that question to bed!!


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Let us explain why Matched Betting is a legit source of making money online for anyone who is over 18.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is a risk free system that takes advantage of the signup bonuses bookmakers offer to attract new customers to their website.

As there are hundreds of bookmakers operating worldwide, you can utilise the offers to earn a consistent online side income.

Once we have found our signup bonuses, we then place two bets on one particular event to cover all outcomes. This process eliminates all of the risk.

To learn more about the basics of Matched Betting

Are bookmakers aware of Matched Betting?

Bookmakers are fully aware of the large community of Matched Bettors who have earnt money using this system.

A spokesperson from one of the largest bookmakers William Hill was quoted as saying

“The betting industry does not have a problem with this use of free bets.”

Of course this quote shouldn’t be taken too literally because bookmakers HATE when you take money from them and they will always find ways to stop that from happening.

Do bookmakers ban bettors?

Yes they do. As stated above, bookmakers do not want you to take money from them and their entire business model is predicated on limiting how much money they pay out to their customers.

If they sense a player is knowledgeable and will be profitable long term, the bookmakers will start to restrict how much that player can bet. If that player continues to profit, then the bookmaker will close down the account.

All of this is completely legal!

It is quite shocking to believe that bookmakers are legally allowed to close down someones account purely because they are a smart bettor. This is further proof that sports gambling is heavily skewed in the bookmakers favour.

Can Matched Betting lead to being banned?

You have probably already figured it out but yes bookmakers will happily limit your access to their services if they sense you’re Matched Betting. This is referred to as being gubbed, limited or restricted.

Do not worry, they will not take your money or stop you from withdrawing it. You will just be unable to place anything less than pennies on the games you want to bet on. When that happens, you just withdraw your money and move on to the next bookmaker sign up offer.

So how is Matched Betting profitable?

Because bookmakers will ban all types of profitable players, you should never worry about being gubbed when you begin Matched Betting. This is because there are over 60 bookmakers available here on Oddshero for you to profit from and you will not be banned from them all!

Also, online gambling laws are being loosened worldwide, meaning new bookmakers are opening up each week. All of which we can profit from.

Another thing to mention is that bookmakers are famously unpredictable with their gubbings and you will never know if or when they will ban you.

Is Matched Betting legal in…?

Before starting Matched Betting it is crucial that you are aware of the gambling laws in your country/region.

If gambling isn’t legal then you can not start Matched Betting and we can not help you.

If gambling is legal then you are good to go and we advise you to have a quick online search for the tax laws of your specific area.

Each country has different tax laws associated with gambling and if your country requires you to pay tax on the winnings then you are entirely responsible for that.

Let us compare two countries which have a high number of people Matched Betting, UK & Norway.

In the UK, all winnings from gambling are entirely tax free and you do not need to worry. However, Norway requires you to pay taxes on earnings over €1000 (10 000 NOK) per bet. As the law states a minimum of €1000 each bet then we do not need to worry as with Matched Betting our earnings will not exceed this. We will be earning at most €500 per bet.



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