Is Matched Betting Worth It?

The most common question asked regarding matched Betting is whether it is actually worth doing.

With an internet full of scams and get-rich-quick schemes, people are rightly hesitant to believe that there are legitimate ways to make an extra income online.

But there are exceptions and Matched Betting is one of them.

Matched Betting is 100% worth doing for anyone 18+ who lives in a country where gambling is legal.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is a risk-free system that allows people to profiteer from the bonuses bookmakers offer to new and existing customers.

The world of sports betting is huge and bookmakers are all vying for your money and attention and they are prepared to spend to get those things.

The most effective way for bookmakers to bring in new customers is to offer them a bonus when signing up. This is known as a Signup bonus*.

Bet365 offer new customers up to £/€100 bonus

Bet365(above) is one of the largest bookmakers in the world and they offer all new customers a £/€100 signup bonus.

By implementing the steps of Matched Betting we can guarantee ourselves at least £/€80 profit from this offer.

*Signup bonus is also known as a Welcome offer or Deposit bonus. These terms are interchangeable.

How to guarantee a profit on a signup bonus?

Now we know what the bookmakers are prepared to offer us to signup, we need to find a way to guarantee ourselves a profit.

This is where Matched Betting comes into it.

The term Matched Betting comes from the fact that we will be placing two bets that will match one another. These two bets are known as a BONUS bet and COVER bet.

By placing these two bets on a sports match, it will eliminate all the risks of gambling.

What is a BONUS bet?

A Bonus bet is the bet we place on the (bonus) bookmaker that is offering us the particular signup bonus. Using the example above, the BONUS bet will be placed on Bet365.

What is a COVER bet?

A Cover bet is the bet that we place on a sports betting exchange to oppose our BONUS bet.

Learn more about Bonus & Cover bets

Using this method of placing two bets, Matched betting becomes entirely risk-free and we are guaranteed a profit

Human error can result in loss of money.

How many signup bonuses are available?

Here at Oddshero we have 70 BONUS bookmakers available for you to profit from. We have a complete list of all the signup bonus and an integrated Oddsmatcher that will show you exactly what bets to place.

How much can you make from signup bonuses?

The main reason why Matched Betting is still the number one source of online income is because of how quickly you can earn.

By completing all of the signup bonuses available here on Oddshero, you can make around €3000!

Yes. €3000!

Not to mention that your earnings are all tax-free!*

Anyone can receive those earnings if they follow the guides here on Oddshero.

Sign up for free here and complete your first €100 signup bonus

*Majority of countries do not charge tax on gambling winnings but make sure you understand your tax requirements before beginning. Oddshero are not responsible.

How do you earn after completing the signup bonuses?

This is the most commonly asked question for anyone who is looking to start Matched Betting. Once they have discovered the possibility of earning through the signup bonuses, they rightly want to know how they can continue to earn.

Well, we also had these questions when we began but they were quickly answered.

Let us introduce you to the world of Reload Offers

What is a Reload Offer?

A Reload Offer is what the bookmakers send out to their existing customers to try and keep them gambling. Just like with the signup bonuses, bookmakers are competing with one another for your attention and more importantly your money!

This is why they will regularly send out offers to keep you loyal to them. Of course they are just hoping to entice normal mug punters into betting but we can use these offers to our advantage.

Here is an example of a popular Reload Offer

Example of a Reloaf Offer

Above you can see an offer that the bookmaker Sportingbet is offering their customers for the Real Madrid v Barcelona match.

Similar to the signup bonuses where bookmakers will match your deposit amount, this offer will match your bet up to £25.

This means that if we place a £25 pre-match bet on the match, the bookmaker will give us a £25 free in-play bet.

Using the techniques of BONUS bet and COVER bet, we guarantee ourselves a £20 profit from just this offer. That is £20 earnt in just the short time it takes you to place the two bets.

This is just one example of a bookmaker offering their you a bonus but you can start to see how it is very possible to continue your earnings with these types of offers.

All of the bookmakers we offer here on Oddshero will continue to send out offers once you have completed the signup bonus.


Long term profitability?

Once you begin to take advantage of all of the Reload Offers available to you, the bookmakers will realise that you are not a mug punter and may gub you.

A gub - or gubbing - is where the bookmaker stops sending you offers because they think you are a smart bettor.

The truth is that bookmaker hate when you take money from them and they will gub you as soon as they think you will cost them money over the long term.

The bookmakers can limit your stakes, refuse your bets and even close down your account if they think you will take money off of them.

This is all completely legal and shows how the sports betting industry is heavily favoured towards the bookmaker.

But do not worry.

Every Matched Bettor will be gubbed eventually and will be angry about it. It’s normal. However, due to the sheer amount of bookmakers available and the bookmakers being famously unpredictable in their gubbings, you will still be able to make a consistent income online.

Our team here at Oddshero have over 5+ years experience of making money through Matched Betting and we continue to do so.

Moving onto better things?

Once you have built up your bankroll and have took the bookmakers to the cleaners, there are even more ways to profiteer from the world of sports betting!

Let us introduce you to Value Betting.

Value Betting is when you are placing bets that are overpriced compared to the overall market. If you consistently place overpriced bets then you will be profitable in the long term

Learn more about Value Betting from our partners at Trademate Sports

What is Trademate Sports?

The Trademate platform takes the stress out of finding Value bets and automatically scans the bookmakers to find their users the value.

Similar to Oddshero showing you exactly which bets to place when completing the signup bonuses, Trademate tells you exactly which bets have an edge and will make you profitable.

Value betting is the no1 way to use the money you make from Matched betting as you are not relying on them to send out offers and there are thousands of value bets being found everyday.

Trademate users have earnt over €4 million

Trademate users have earnt more than four million euros through Value Betting.

Key Takeaways

  • Matched betting is still the no1 way to make money online
  • You can earn €3000 from the bookmakers shown on Oddshero
  • Signup for free and earn your first €100
  • Reload Offers become available once you have completed the signups
  • Move onto Value betting on Trademate Sports when you have grown your bankroll.

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