How to do Sports Betting and Trading in Italy | Taxes, Laws and Bookmakers

If you’re a sports bettor, your goal is to make as much money as possible. Value betting is what can make your goal come true. This method utilises maths and stats to help you boost your betting profits.

If this sounds good, we have got some bad news for you – it’s almost impossible to do value betting on your own. The good news is that Trademate is here to help you. Our tool has what it takes to turn your little hobby into a healthy side income. But it’s important that betting is legal where you live.

Sports betting legality differs from one country to the other. In some parts of the world, betting is legal and regulated. In others, any form of gambling is thought of as a criminal offense.

So, what’s the status of sports betting in Italy?


Yes. Sports betting has been decriminalised in Italy since 2007. In fact, all forms of gambling have been legal since then. This includes betting at land-based bookmakers but also betting on the internet.

Since 2010, online sports betting has been completely legal and regulated in Italy. The only caveat is that an Italian bettor can place online wagers only at licensed websites.

In order to get an Italian license, an online bookmaker needs to pass a set of requirements set up by the Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (ADM). You can think of this agency as Italy’s main gambling authority.

Although ADM’s list of conditions is pretty long, there are many internet bookmakers that have managed to fulfill them. As a result, there are literally dozens of licensed sports betting sites where Italians can gamble.

They can gamble, but they also use a sports betting tactic such as value betting to boost their chances of winning. This country has nothing against you becoming a pro sports trader.


No. There is no gambling tax imposed on Italian bettors. What this means is that if you win some money betting, you’re going to get all the spoils.

If you’re wondering why this is the case, it’s because Italy’s gambling tax is aimed at the bookmakers. In order to get a license from the ADM, a bookmaker needs to agree to pay a 24% tax on their Gross Gaming Revenue.

This is the reason why some of them will try to rebound on their profit/loss by offering not-too-attractive odds to their players or taking a decent margin.

As an Italian sports trader, you have no need to bet at bookmakers that don’t have “.it” in their domain. Not only do you have plenty of Italian bookmakers at your disposal, but you also risk a penalty if you decide to bet at an unlicensed operator.

Truth be told, even though betting at unlicensed sportsbooks is illegal, there are no reports of Italians getting fined for doing it.

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By using Trademate, you open the door to various online bookmakers, offering a plethora of value bets.

Although we can safely say that all the sportsbooks we work with are legit, there are some that seem perfect for Italian bettors. Here are a couple of those.


Bet365 is one of the biggest names in the industry, which is why it’s not surprising that it has an operating license in Italy. Not only does it accept Italian players, but it also gives them a pretty decent bonus deal.

Sign up to bet365 and you’ll get a €100 bonus. Another reason why value bettors should love this bookmaker is that its odds are more than competitive.

This bookmaker also has a pretty good track record when gubbing is concerned. You’re probably not going to get your account suspended if you do value betting with bet365.


Do not confuse Betfair Sportsbook with Betfair Exchange. This company did start out as a betting exchange but has added a new product a few years ago.

Today, Betfair Sportsbook is loved by bettors in Italy, who cherish it for its attractive odds at times. There are also some pretty awesome bonuses up for grabs at any given moment also.


Bwin has been a trusted name in the sports betting business for ages. This bookmaker is focused on the global market, so it has licenses in many parts of the world. Italy belongs to this category.

With a license in Italy, nothing is stopping you from signing up to this bookmaker, grabbing a €200 bonus and starting your value betting adventure.


Here’s another giant of the sports betting industry, which also offers its services around the globe. Italy is one of the accepted countries, and Italian players get a €100 bonus from this bookmaker just for signing up.

Same as all the aforementioned bookmakers, this one too is great in terms of user-friendliness, odds, and so on.


These are just some examples of excellent sports betting sites you can use if you’re located in Italy. The list of all available options is very long.

What this practically means is that your value betting journey can last forever. You will always have a bookmaker to use whenever you feel like it. This goes especially if you decide to pick Trademate for this purpose.


Considering that Italy is a sports betting-friendly country, with plenty of licensed bookmakers, there really is no reason not to do value betting. Actually, Italy might be ideal for this purpose, as there’s no gambling tax imposed on the players’ winnings.

What this means is that all the money you make from your value betting efforts is going to stay in your account.

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