Jonas And Marius From Trademate Tell The Story Of Their Largest Wins

Jonas Gjelstad, the founder of Trademate. Besides being a very profitable sports bettor, he is also a formidable poker player. In 2016 he won the Norwegian Heads Up Poker Championship.

Jonas Gjelstad and Marius from Team Trademate

Jonas’ largest win came in the 2014 Soccer World Cup. Norsk Tipping, the major Norwegian bookie, offered 60.0 in odds on the Netherlands winning exactly 3-2 vs. Australia.

While the rest of the market was at 34-38 in odds, I put down $1,000 and cashed out $60,000.

At this time I was living with Felix Stephensen, another Norwegian poker player who also bet $1,000 on the game.

Felix spent a part of his winnings on a ticket to the WSOP where he ended up finishing second, cashing out $5.2 million in the main event.

On the other hand, Marius Norheim, the CEO of Trademate Sports, is trying to make a secondary income from sports trading and sharing his bets live on Trademate's Youtube Channel.

Here is his biggest win, but it’s slightly different.

Marius: I’m all about finding value, not trying to pick winners. So my goal is to find an edge, then get in a high volume of bets, which results in steady profit growth.

Not risking a too large portion of my bankroll on any particular game.

What I would like to talk about is a Russian soccer game between Ural & Rostov.

Norsk Tipping, the major Norwegian bookie, had Ural at 2.95 in odds to win, which was a 30% edge vs the Asian markets at the time. I got in at 2.6 with $100, still a 15% advantage.

The Asian market kept dropping due to Rostov resting a half of their first team.

I decided to hedge out by taking an Asian Handicap +0.5 on Rostov. Ensuring that I would be break-even on a draw or Rostov win and have an 11,7% sure bet given a Ural win.

Ural won 1-0. My initial bet closed at a 47.7% edge at the time the game started. I made a net profit of $60 but would have won $160 if I had stuck with my initial bet.

The lesson I learned is that hedging can reduce your risk, but it will also eat into your potential profits. You can read a more detailed article about my experience with hedging a bet here.

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