Week 3: "Live Trading with Trademate & Oddshero"

TOTAL PROFIT: $2,883 | TOTAL INVESTMENT: $1,823 | WEEK 3 RESULT: +$172 | 05/3/20 - 11/3/20

Watch Alex in Week 3 of his Sports Betting Journey with Oddshero and Trademate Sports where he does some live trading with both of the softwares.

He goes through his results in the last week with Trademate Sports (highlighted below), along with revealing some of his strategies he uses with both Oddshero and Trademate.

As always, he takes you through his trades of the week (screenshots below), including an email he got from 888Sport regarding his future using the bookmaker.

Check out the Oddshero website here.

Check out how Alex got his Trademate Sports account set up inWeek 0 of My Sports Betting Journey here.

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