What is the Matchbook Betting Exchange?

Matchbook is one of the biggest betting exchanges and a favorite of the players involved in matched betting. Keep on reading to find out why that is the case!

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Top 3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Matchbook is one of the most popular betting exchanges in the world.
  2. Matchbook has probably the lowest commission rate of all betting exchanges.
  3. You can use Matchbook to do matched betting with Oddshero.

Matchbook in a Nutshell

Betting exchanges were born at the start of the century. Betfair, which is the very oldest exchange was launched back in 2000. Soon after, many other online betting companies decided to follow the same path. One of those was Matchbook.

Although there’s not much information available online about the early days of this betting exchange, we do know that it started in 2004. The story goes that a group of professional bettors decided to stop betting and make their money by creating a betting exchange, with which they would earn profits through commission.

Their idea was to make a website where the players could bet one against the other. The job of Matchbook would be to act as a middleman. It’s needless to say that their intention did come to existence. Some 15 years since the launch of the website, Matchbook is one of the most successful betting exchanges in the world.

Matchbook was founded by Brentford and FC Midtjylland owner Matthew Benham. If you’re interested in its story, you can read about it here. And if you don’t care much about the history of this betting exchange, there’s still one thing you know - Matchbook has always been well regarded by players.

As it’s proudly stated on the Matchbook website, this betting exchange has received a 4.3 rating from Trustpilot, one of the most reputable review aggregators. It is also highly rated by independent agencies whose aim is to check whether gambling sites have been doing their business fair and square. All this means that you have nothing to be worried about if you decide to sign up to Matchbook.

Still not convinced that Matchbook is a good choice for you? If so, you should also know that this exchange gets a high rating from Oddshero as well. We believe that registering an account with Matchbook is a wise thing to do, especially if you plan to do matched betting.

Using Matchbook Exchange for Matched Betting

Matchbook for Matched Betting

Matched betting is a method that relies on maths rather than luck. Through this method, you can easily cash in the bonuses that most bookmakers give.

The way matched betting works is by covering all possible outcomes using the bookmaker’s bonus in combination with your own money. What you do is bet the bonus funds that something will happen. At the same time, you also use your cash to bet that it won’t happen.

Sure, you could bet against the outcome at another bookmaker, but if you would like to maximize your profits, we recommend using a betting exchange for this purpose. It lets you lay a bet, that is, bet that the outcome you’ve wagered your bonus funds will not happen.

You’re likely to get a better value form a betting exchange for laying a bet as part of your matched betting. Still, how good the value is going to be depends on how many backers there are.

This is why we recommend creating accounts at several exchanges. This way, you will be able to find the best possible value for your lay bets. Actually, you won’t have to do anything – Oddshero will do it for you!

The only thing you will have to do is sign-up to betting exchanges, such as Matchbook. The reasons why we recommend registering an account at this exchange are numerous, the most important ones being low commission fees and a high selection of games.

If you can access a betting brokerage such as Sportmarket or BetInAsia, then this is also the best option for accessing a betting exchange like Betfair or Matchbook. Because having an account with a brokerage enables you to bet at 4 different exchanges and 6 bookmakers with only 1 account. You can read more about the advantages of using Spormarket in this article and BetInAsia in this article. So it is a lot easier.

But if you are living in the UK, you are unable to use the brokerages. So then you would have to sign up with either Matchbook or Betfair. We would recommend starting out with Matchbook, cause they have a better commission structure. But once you’ve gained some experience with Matched Betting, it’s ideal to use both as this gives you access to higher odds.

Matchbook Commission Fees

Unlike sportsbooks, which make profits only when players lose their bets, betting exchanges earn money through commission on every single bet made. They don’t care who wins the bet, the only thing they care about is the commission fee.

Some exchanges care about the commission fee much more than players would like. But, there are some that have commission rates that are more than acceptable. One of them is Matchbook, a betting exchange that charges its commission only on winning bets.

Effective from November 2019, the standard commission rate at Matchbook is between 2% and 4%. And that is as low as it gets in the betting exchange universe. You may try to look for a better deal, but you probably won’t be able to find it.

There might be some exchanges out there that take a smaller percentage, but they are probably charging a commission both on winning and losing bets. Matchbook, on the other hand, will charge its fee only if you win the bet.

Matchbook Betting Offer

Matchbook Offer

Matchbook is a betting exchange that’s operating globally, accepting players from almost all corners of the world. Such, the exchange needs to cover a wide range of sports.

You can find a huge number of betting options here, including events from all the major sports, namely football, basketball, American football, tennis, and so on. Furthermore, Matchbook also covers some sports that are only popular in certain parts of the planet, e.g. cricket.

Of course, if you’re going to use Matchbook for matched betting, it’s best to stick to the most popular sports. It’s not only because you’re more likely to find the players to bet against, but also because you’re less likely to get gubbed by the bookmaker giving you the bonus.

Matchbook Banking Options

Matchbook lets you deposit and withdraw your funds using several different banking options. All the most popular ones are included in the list. We’re talking about methods like bank cards such as Visa and MasterCard, e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller, bank transfers, and so on.

A great thing about Matchbook banking options is that most of them come with zero fees attached. We say ‘most’ because bank transfers do come with fees. For a bank transfer withdrawal of €500, which is the minimum amount for this banking option, the fee is €35.

Other methods don’t have fees and come with much lower withdrawal methods. And the best thing is that they’re very fast when it comes to processing. In most cases, you shouldn’t wait for more than one or two working days for your funds to arrive to your Matchbook account and the other way around.

Is Matchbook Better Than Betfair?

Matchbook might be a better choice for regular bettors and sports fans. Matchbook has a section of the website dedicated to sports podcasts, where you can listen to interesting talks about current affairs in the world of professional sports.

Matchbook Insights

Then there’s also a part of the site reserved for sports betting tips and previews called Matchbook Insights.

Still, the thing that really makes Matchbook more attractive than Betfair, or in fact, most other betting exchanges is its commission structure.

Matchbook charges as little as a 2% as the commission fee on winnings. In comparison, Betfair charges as much as 7% commission, although there is a way to reduce it. You can read about it in the article titled Betting Exchange Commissions Explained for Betfair.

When it comes to the betting offer, Matchbook is pretty decent. It covers basically the same sports as Betfair and offers basically the same betting markets.

And same as Betfair, Matchbook is also included in the Oddshero premium package.

3 Key Takeaways

  1. Matchbook is one of the best betting exchanges you can find.
  2. If you’re planning to do some matched betting, we heartily recommend signing up to this exchange.
  3. Not only is Matchbook commission percentage incredibly low, but the exchange also has no withdrawal fees with most of its banking options.

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