Betting Exchange Commissions Explained for Matchbook

Matchbook is one of the most popular betting exchanges in the world. Being betting exchange, this platform allows bettors to bet against each other, for which Matchbook charges a commission fee of between 2% and 4%.

Stay tuned because we’re now going to explain everything there is to know about the Betting Exchange Commissions that Matchbook charges.

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Top 3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Matchbook has one of the lowest commission rates of all the major betting exchanges.
  2. Matchbook no longer charges commission both on losing and on winning bets. As of November 19, 2019, this betting exchange charges a commission only on winning bets.
  3. How high the commission is depends on the location of the player. It can be as little as 2%, with the highest commission being 4%.

Matchbook Commission – Basics

Matchbook commission structure used to be pretty complicated in the past. But, don’t worry, that’s no longer the case. Since November 2019, their commission structure is pretty straightforward.

Before that, Matchbook used to charge a commission on all types of bets that bettors made, regardless of whether the bet was a winning or a losing one. But now, the commission is charged on winning bets only.

When it comes to losing bets, the commission fee used to be charged on either the potential profit or the liability. But, as of November 2019, players are not charged anything if they lose the bet.

Matchbook Commission Rates

Before Matchbook changed its commission policy in late 2019, it was pretty difficult to calculate the commission. And that's why many players who did matched betting decided not to bother with this betting exchange. Instead, many of them decided to stick to other exchanges, such as Smarkets.

But, then Matchbook decided to tweak the commission rules. Instead of charging different commissions on existing bets and those that the players come up with themselves, they decided to go with a fixed rate.

Although the commission percentage is the same regardless of the type of bet you make, it does differ from player to play. So, what is the criteria to get the lowest possible commission?

It all depends on where you live. Matchbook decided to go with a similar commission structure to Betfair, the world’s biggest betting exchange. And that commission structure is based on the location of the player.

That said, if you’re located in the UK, you’re going to be charged a 2% commission on your losing bets. The same goes if you’re a player from the Republic of Ireland. The 2% commission also applies to the players based on the Isle of Man.

People from other parts of the world pay a commission of 4% on the bets they win at the Matchbook betting exchange.

Matchbook Commission for UK Players

At Matchbook betting exchange, your commission can be as low as 2%, depending on where you live. And this commission is charged only if you win your bet.

If you’re still not 100% sure about the way Matchbook commission works, it’s best to take a look at an example. We’ll focus on an ATP duel between Rafael Nadal and Alexander Zverev.

Matchbook Betting Offer

As you can see in the image above, the Spanish player is a slight favorite in this duel. Let’s say you want to back him to beat Alexander Zverev. You click on the blue box with the odds of 1.529 and then type in your stake in the betting slip.

Back Bet at Matchbook

If Nadal wins this match, you are going to win a net profit of €10.58, but you will have to pay Matchbook its share.

Let’s say you are a player from England, in which case, your commission is 2%. The question is how are you going to calculate the exact amount you are going to pay Matchbook?

Just take your net profits (€10.58) and multiply them with 2% (or 0.02). The result is that the fee you will have to pay equals €0.21.

But, what if you’re a player from some other part of the world?

Matchbook Commission for the Players Outside the British Isles

Now that you know how to calculate Matchbook commission for players from the UK, Ireland, and the Isle of Man, it’s time to learn how to figure out commission fees for players residing outside those regions.

Again, it’s probably best if we explained it through an example. This time, we’ll go with a clash between Roger Federer and Mateo Berrettini.

Matchbook Moneyline Offer

Although already in his late thirties, the Swiss maestro is still a big favorite against Matteo Berrettini. If you believe that the young Italian is not going to beat Federer, you can place a lay bet on Berrettini as we did in the example below.

Matchbook Lay Bet

If Federer wins the match, you’re going to receive the €20 stake, but you will have to pay a commission to Matchbook, which is 4% for the players not living on the British Isles. In this case, 4% accounts to €0.8. So, your profit after commission is going to be €19.20.

If Federer ends up losing, you will not be charged any additional fee. Instead, you’re only going to lose the money you put as your liability. In this particular case, your liability would be 90 Euro, meaning that if Berrettini won, you would have to pay that amount to the players who backed the Italian.

How Does Matchbook Fee Structure Compare to Other Exchanges?

If we’re talking numbers, Matchbook has the lowest commission of all the major betting exchanges. Its commission used to be even lower, but in the past, Matchbook also charged a fee on losing bets. It’s no longer the case with this betting exchange.

Their new structure makes Matchbook and excellent solution for those who are doing matched betting. It’s because the goal of matched bettors is to win more often at betting exchanges than at bonus-giving bookmakers.

The reason? If you keep on winning at the Bonus Bookmaker, you might end up getting gubbed. But, if you win most of the time at the betting exchange, you got nothing to worry about. After all, betting exchanges don’t care who wins as you’re not betting against them. You’re betting against other players.

So, if you’re winning at the exchange more often than at the bonus bookmakers, Matchbook might be a better choice than Betfair. This goes especially for bettors from places like Croatia, Slovakia, Albania, and so on.

The default Betfair commission for players from these countries stands at 7%. In comparison, Matchbook will charge a 4% commission on winning bets made by the players from these regions.

If you are from the UK, you will not be able to use Sportmarket or BetInAsia. Then you will need to use either the Matchbook or Betfair betting exchange as your Cover Bookmaker inside of Oddshero. As Matchbook has the lower commission they are the preferred choice. If you want to clear the bonuses even faster or have more options to match your Bonus bets with, you could also create an account with both of them.

3 Key Takeaways

  1. Matchbook earns its money by charging a commission on every bet made at this betting exchange. This includes both winning and losing bets.
  2. The Matchbook commission is either 2 or 4% depending on where you live.
  3. If you lose a bet at the Matchbook betting exchange, you will not be charged a commission fee.

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