How to do Matched Betting on Basketball and the NBA

You can do Matched Betting on literally any sport. Of course, only if that sport is offered by the bookmakers and betting exchanges you are using.

Furthermore, your chosen sport also needs to be covered by your Matched Betting software. If you decide to go with Oddshero, you will be able to choose from a variety of popular sports, including Basketball.

Speaking of which, Basketball is one of the preferred choices of Matched Bettors, who seem to love betting on NBA events. If you’re wondering why that is the case, we are now going to discuss all the advantages of performing Matched Betting on the NBA!

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3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Almost any sport in the world is suitable for Matched Betting, Basketball included.
  2. NBA events are great for Matched Betting thanks to the popularity of this competition.
  3. Oddshero will help you do Matched Betting with NBA.

What Makes the NBA a Good Choice for Matched Betting?

The regular season of the NBA lasts for about six months, during which each of the 30 teams has to play a total of 82 matches. What this means is that there is a total of 2,460 NBA matches you can use for Matched Betting during the regular season. Add to that the pre-season games and the playoffs and you will see why Matched Bettors love this competition!

NBA for Matched Betting

Being one of the most popular competitions in the world, the NBA is featured in almost every online sportsbook. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any problems finding suitable NBA events at your Bonus Bookmaker. The same goes for the Cover Bookmaker if that’s the Matched Betting strategy you wish to use.

If you prefer doing Matched Betting the old-fashioned way, with the Bonus Bookmaker in combination with a betting exchange, the NBA is once again a good choice. It’s because this competition is very popular among sports bettors, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding someone to accept your lay bets at the betting exchange.

The fact that the NBA is very popular among bettors means that there is a large betting volume on these events. With huge sums of money being wagered on every single NBA game, you can be certain that your Bonus Bet is not going to raise any suspicion.

If you’re worried that bookmakers will gub you for doing Matched Betting, focusing on the NBA events could be the right thing to do. Being one of the thousands of bettors who are betting on the NBA will surely keep you under the radar.

How to Do Matched Betting?

How to Do Matched Betting on Basketball

If you still don’t know how Matched Betting works, it’s best if you read our blog article about it. If you do know what Matched Betting is, you already know that this betting strategy can bring a lot of money your way!

Of course, you can only hope for success if you do it properly. This is why we’re now going to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to do matched betting using NBA events.

Step 1 – Set-Up Oddshero

The first thing you need to do is create an account at Oddshero. The whole process is simple and should not take more than just a couple of minutes of your time.

Once you’ve registered an account, it’s time to decide which sports betting sides you’re going to use. Oddshero works with 65+ Bonus Bookmakers and even more Cover Bookmakers. It’s up to you to pick which ones to use.

In addition, if your choice is to combine the Bonus Bookmaker with a betting exchange, you can choose from Betfair, Matchbook and Smarkets.

Step 2 – Claim Your Bonus

Although most online bookmakers offer some kind of bonus to the new players, in order to actually get it, you’re often required to make a deposit.

Unfortunately, even doing that is not enough – you also need to clear the bonus wagering requirements, which can take time.

The good news is that Oddshero works only with the Bonus Bookmakers famous for setting wagering requirements that aren’t too difficult to deal with.

Step 3 – Clear the Wagering Requirements

Matched Betting was invented to help bettors clear their bonuses. What you have to do is place the bonus bet on one outcome and bet the opposite at the Cover Bookmaker/betting exchange. By doing that, you’re making sure that whatever happens, you are going to win or break-even.

Oddshero is going to offer you suggestions on which events to bet, however, the final decision is up to you. Going with an NBA match would be a good decision, regardless of whether you’re going to use a Cover Bookmaker or one of the Oddshero-approved betting exchanges.

Using NBA for Matched Betting

If a Cover Bookmaker is your choice, our advice is to go with the Moneyline market, for which you can pick any NBA game. By using this betting market, you basically eliminate the draw from the equation.

Let’s say your choice is the Golden State Warriors vs Denver Nuggets game. The odds on the Warriors win (including overtime) are set at 2.65. If you make that bet at the Bonus Bookmaker, you need to bet on the opposite at the Cover Bookmaker. What you have to do is bet on Nuggets to win (including OT), for which the odds are 1.57.

An Example of NBA Odds

How much money you need to put on each bet depends on how high the bonus is. Luckily, Oddshero does all the calculations for you! Your job is just to place your bets at the bookmaker and confirm them with Oddshero.

Apart from the Moneyline, you can use many other 2-way NBA markets. Some of the most popular include the following:

  • Spread Betting
  • Points O/U
  • Player Points O/U
  • Player Assists O/U
  • And plenty more…

All this, of course, does not imply that 3-way bets aren’t good for Matched Betting. They are! Especially if you’re using a betting exchange instead of a Cover Bookmaker. This way, you can pick literally any NBA betting market.

To show you how this works, we’ll use the same example. So, let’s say you are going to bet on Golden State Warriors with your bonus bet, you just need to lay the same bet at the betting exchange.

Laying a bet practically means betting that the outcome is not going to happen. The reason why doing this might be better than simply making an opposite bet is that betting exchanges let you suggest your own odds. So, if you find someone ready to accept your bet, get ready for even bigger Matched Betting profits!

3 Takeaways:

  1. Matched Betting can be done with almost any sport.
  2. The NBA is one of the favorite choices of Matched Bettors.
  3. Oddshero will help you make NBA bets, ensuring you get profits from your Matched Betting adventure.

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