How to Do Matched Betting in Brazil?

The largest country in South America is the home to more than 200 million people, who all seem to have one thing in common – they love their sports! This is what inspired us to do an article in which we discuss Matched Betting in Brazil.

It’s fair to say that Brazil is the land of football, as its national team has won the FIFA World Cup five times, which is more than any other country in the world. Brazil’s athletes excel in many other sports in addition to football. We’re talking volleyball, basketball, and many, many other sports.

Sports Betting in Brazil

Knowing how good Brazilians are when it comes to sports, it’s not surprising that people from this country love sports betting. Betting on the team you support is great if that team is likely to win. That’s a kind of luxury Brazilian bettors can afford. Of course, Brazil doesn’t win every single time. Just remember the 7-1 defeat to Germany at the 2014 World Cup.

Not only did the humiliating defeat break the hearts of Brazil’s supporters, but it also broke the bank of Brazilian bettors. To prevent such scenarios happening again, why not give up on gambling and instead, go with a risk-free method such as Matched Betting? This way, you win all the time, regardless of whether the team you support wins or loses.

Doing Matched Betting in Brazil?

Matched Betting is a great way to add a few hundred bucks to your account by doing nothing other than placing some bets. If you’re a passionate sports bettor, you’d be doing practically the same anyway. However, there’s one big difference between regular sports betting and Matched Betting. With Matched Betting, you are going to win money; with regular betting, nothing is certain.

How Matched Betting works is that it takes advantage of the bonus deals that top online bookmakers give away to new players. This method helps you clear the bonus wagering requirements without any risk.

The best thing about Matched Betting is that anyone can do it. Of course, only if sports betting is legal in the place they live in. So, what’s the situation with Matched Betting in Brazil?

Legality of Sports Betting and Matched Betting in Brazil?

Chaotic – this is the word that best explains the gambling laws of Brazil. Sports betting legalization is currently underway and is expected to finish this year as the country is looking for a new source of income amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Until then, sports betting remains unregulated in Brazil. What this means in practice, is that Brazilians can do Matched Betting at those websites that accept players from this country.

Do You Pay Matched Betting Tax in Brazil?

No, not yet. However, once sports betting is made legal and regulated, Brazil will want to get its share. The good news is that it is very likely that the players aren’t going to be the ones to suffer. Instead, the country will probably impose a tax on bookmakers’ profits.

What this practically means is that there’s nothing that would chop off even a tiny portion of your Matched Betting profits. Because of this, you have every right to hope to make way over €1,000 in a month!

Best Online Bookmakers for Matched Betting in Brazil

Brazil’s sports betting laws basically allow the players to bet online wherever they want. Although this sounds awesome, the problem is that there’s a danger that you might get lured into using a scammy bookmaker.

This is why it’s important to do proper research before putting your trust into an online bookmaker. The good news is that you don’t have to spend hours of reading reviews trying to figure out if a sportsbook is good enough. Instead, you can let us do the hard work.

Actually, we’ve already done it. Oddshero is doing business only with the best online bookmakers out there, so choosing one we recommend is your best solution. There are more than 100 bookmakers to choose from if you go with our Matched Betting tool, all of which have a great track record concerning user-friendliness and payouts.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of bookmakers that stand out with their bonus deals. Let’s mention a couple of those!


There are several reasons why you should consider creating an account at bet365. First of all, this sportsbook accepts players from Brazil. Secondly, its online platform is available in Portuguese.

Another reason is that Bet365 has an amazing welcome offer, which you can clear with the help of Oddshero, without having to pay for a subscription. By claiming the Oddshero free trial, you get to clear the bet365 welcome bonus for free.


One of the world’s most successful online sportsbooks, Betway is open to Brazilians. You can register an account at Betway and use the site in your native language. Furthermore, after signing up, you’re going to receive a welcome bonus from the bookmaker.

Betfair Sportsbook

Do not confuse Betfair Betting Exchange with Betfair Sportsbook. Although you can use both of these if you’re from Brazil, Betfair Sportsbook is the one that will give you an amazing welcome bonus. The exchange, on the other hand, can come in handy for laying your bets.

100+ Bookmakers to Use with Oddshero

The three online sportsbooks we mentioned are all fantastic choices for Matched Betting in Brazil. However, they’re not the only ones. The players from Brazil have the luxury to use a big majority of 100+ online bookmakers available with Oddshero.

With the help of our Matched Betting software, you will be able to take advantage of bonus deals from all those bookmakers, without having to invest too much money, time, or energy. If you follow the instructions provided by our tool, you have every right to hope for a €1,000+ profit within one month!

Sounds good? If so, why wait any longer? Sing up to Oddshero right now and start clearing those sweet bonuses meant for Brazilian bettors!

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