Why Matched Betting is the Best Side Hustle for a Stay-at-Home Parent?

Why Matched Betting is the Best Side Hustle for a Stay-at-Home Parent?

One in five mums and dads in the US are stay-at-home parents. It is pretty much the same situation in Europe, Australia, and some parts of Asia. The current figures are expected to go up in the next couple of years judging by recent trends.

The trouble is that being a stay-at-home parent is not a paid job. At least not in a big part of the world. Actually, even countries with a “universal child benefit” don’t seem to pay enough to mums and dads for them to quit their regular jobs. In Norway, for instance, families with two children get a monthly benefit equal to just over €2,000.

The good news is that there’s always a way to earn without a need of having a 9-to-5 job. Matched Betting, for example, might be the best way for stay-at-home parents to make some money.

Matched Betting in a Nutshell

Matched Betting is a strategy that helps you turn bonuses into real money. A big majority of online bookmakers give away a sign-up bonus to their new players.

The bonus usually comes with a wagering requirement which you need to fulfill in order to transform the bonus funds into money that you can withdraw. You can try to clear the requirement by gambling or by using a risk-free method such as Matched Betting.

If the latter is your choice, what you need to do is use the bonus to bet on one outcome, while using your own money to cover the opposite. This way, you cover all the possibilities, meaning that no matter what happens, you win. You can either clear the bonus or win money at the Cover Bookmaker/betting exchange. In each case, you’re going to end up with a profit.

If this sounds confusing to you, this 1 minute video explains it very simply.

10 Reasons Why Matched Betting Is Perfect for Stay-at-Home Parents

Matched Betting is a suitable side hustle for anyone, including stay-at-home parents. If you’re still not sure whether to give it a go, here are 10 additional reasons for that:

  1. It’s 100% legal – If online sports betting is legal in your country, the same applies to Matched Betting. This technique uses only legal means to help bettors win money. You can be sure there aren’t going to be any problems with the law if you decide to become a Matched Bettor.
  2. It is very easy to do – Sure, you would need to be a real genius to be able to do Matched Betting manually. However, with the help of Oddshero, anyone can do it. Our tool takes care of all the hard work.
  3. No big investments required – You do need to invest some money to do Matched Betting, but the amount is pretty small. In fact, the chances are that you have more than enough money in your pocket right now to start with this strategy. You can start with something as small as €100.
  4. No special gear required – All you need is a computer with access to the internet. The best thing is that your device does not have to be a gaming beast to run Oddshero smoothly. Any regular computer is going to do just fine.
  5. No special skills required – If you’re reading this article, it means that you know how to use a computer. Knowing how to use a PC is the only knowledge you need to become a Matched Bettor.
  6. It doesn’t take too much time – Registering accounts and placing bets is all the work you need to do. That’s something that takes minutes. Of course, if you have more spare time, you can always put your Matched Betting in fifth gear. It’s very easy to make €1,000 from Matched Betting in a month or less.
  7. It really works – Matched Betting is a proven method for clearing bonus requirements, which is something hundreds of satisfied Oddshero users can confirm.
  8. It doesn’t involve gambling – Matched Betting is based on mathematics, not luck. With no gambling involved, there is no chance of losing.
  9. It’s tax-free – Although it depends on your location, in most countries the profits made with Matched Betting are not taxable. To learn what’s your country’s stance on Matched Betting tax, check out this article!
  10. It’s not a one-off solution – There are 100+ bookmakers Oddshero works with. Each of those has a decent sign-up bonus offer, while some give away other types of bonuses as well. You can take advantage of all those bonuses and make Matched Betting your source of income for many, many months.

Matched Betting Isn’t the Only Side Hustle You Can Do

Matched Betting is one of several profitable sports betting strategies you can use. There are plenty of other tactics you can employ, however, not all of them are risk-free like Matched Betting.

Arbitrage betting, for example, is another betting method in which you cover all the potential outcomes of an event. That makes arbing a betting strategy without risks. The bad news is that arbitrage betting is not very profitable, but even that isn’t the worst thing about it. What’s really bad about this method is that the chance of getting gubbed is huge.

You can also do arbing with the use of the Oddshero Matched Betting software.

But overall, the most profitable sports betting strategy is Value Betting. This method exploits disparities between betting odds and actual probability, helping the bettor make big profits in the long run. But, we should let you know that Value Betting is not risk-free like Matched Betting is.

To learn more about this technique, check out the blog of Trademate Sports, the value betting software developed by the same people who brought you Oddshero.

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