Why Matched Betting Is The Best Side Hustle Whilst At School

As a student you are almost expected to be broke, it’s almost a key ingredient to the university experience.

But we are here to show you how to break the mould and earn yourself €1,000+ per month from home with Matched Betting!

What is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is a risk-free system that allows people to profit from the bonuses and offers online bookmakers send out to their customers.

Online gambling has soared in popularity in the last two decades and bookmakers from all over the world are fighting for your attention and more importantly your money.

To help them stand out from the crowd they will regularly send out offers to entice you into gambling with them. These offers are extremely lucrative if you know how to use them and we can easily earn ourselves an extra income.

How does Matched Betting work?

To start Matched Betting we need to understand the fundamentals and the process needed to make money.

Matched Betting is an extremely simple process in which we place two bets on one event to eliminate all of the risk involved in betting.

When you’re signing up to a bookmaker they will offer you a free bet or bonus to welcome you to their platform. However, these free bets and bonuses aren’t cash equivalent and so we need to wager the bonus amount until we complete the turnover requirement.

Bet365 for example offers new customers €100 with a turnover requirement of 2x. This means that to profit from this bonus we have to place €200 worth of bets before we can withdraw.

This is where the two bets come into play as this is the technique required to guarantee ourselves a profit off every bonus.

Once we have found a bonus being offered by the bookmaker, we then find a sporting event where we can place a BACK and COVER bet on.

What are Back and COVER bets?

A BACK bet is the bet we place on the bookmaker that is offering us the bonus.

A COVER bet is the bet we place on a betting brokerage or exchange that will cover our BACK bet and eliminate all of the risk.

Here is an example:

  • Bet365 offers a €100 bonus for new customers.
  • We then place a bet on the LA Lakers to beat the New York Knicks on Bet365. This is the BACK bet.
  • We then have to place a bet on New York Knicks to beat LA Lakers on a sports betting exchange. This is the COVER bet.
  • These bets are now risk-free as all outcomes are covered.

Learn the basics of Matched Betting

Why Matched Betting is perfect for Students

Now you know what Matched Betting entails, let’s show you why it is a perfect side-hustle for students.

One of the great things about Matched Betting is that it can be completed at any time of the day and be fit entirely around your school schedule.

Not only can you place the bets when you want, you can also complete the offers on the go! Just like Oddshero, all bookmakers offer mobile compatibility so you can do Matched Betting in quick 5-10 minute intervals throughout the day.

Whether you are on the bus in the morning, or walking to your next lesson, once you become familiar with placing bets, Matched Betting fits effortlessly around your life.

Matched Betting can improve the student experience

As a student, the social aspects of the experience are in some cases more important than the things you learn in class.

When you look back at your student years, you will no doubt be thinking of all the great times you had partying and socialising with friends. The majority of students rely on student loans to fund themselves through university but that requires you to get into debt at a very young age.

According to a 2019 student survey, the average monthly spend for a UK student is £807. As stated above, an experienced Matched Bettor can earn more than €/£1000 per month so you can see how this can dramatically improve your time as a student.

In the same survey 79% of students said they worry about making ends meet and feel they don’t even have enough money to survive.

This figure is frightening and further shows that almost all students should be looking at side hustles and ways to earn extra income.

Long-term profitability

One of the great things about Matched Betting is the continued profits you can earn as each bookmaker sends out offers hoping to entice people in.

However, in the huge world of sports betting, Matched Betting isn’t the only way to earn long term profits.

Let us introduce you to Value Betting.

Value Betting

The term Value Betting describes the process of placing sports bets solely because they have a mathematical edge.

Social media is now full of tipsters and so called professional gamblers who claim to offer winning bets to paying customers. However, almost all of these are not profitable over the long term and some even receive a commission from the bookmakers for every punter they bring in.

The ‘tipsters’ claim to pick teams based on research and their knowledge of the game but this method almost always leads to long term losses.

Now with Value Betting we would be placing bets purely because the odds are skewed in our favour.

What is a Value Bet?

If we were to place a bet on a pure coin flip then the odds should be 2.0(Evens) as the probability is 50% for each side. This is known as the true odds. However, if the bookmakers were to offer a coin flip then they would offer lower odds of around 1.8. This difference between 2.0 and 1.8 is the Margin.

The Margin is how the bookmakers profit no matter the outcomes of an event.

We find Value bets when the odds offered by a bookmaker are higher than the true odds.

How do we find the true odds?

To figure out the true odds of an event we have to look at a certain type of bookmaker known as a Sharp bookmaker.

A Sharp bookmaker determines their odds by the demand and supply of the market. The majority of bookmakers available in Europe are known as Soft bookmakers as they don’t allow high stakes and so their odds are not as accurate as the sharps.

Sharp bookmakers take bets from professional sports bettors who normally have a winning strategy and their stakes are not limited.

This makes the sharp bookmakers odds more accurate, as they possess more information than the softs.

How to find Value Bets?

Now we know how Value bets occur we can implement a strategy to find them across the markets.

We have to compare the odds of a sharp bookmaker - the true odds - with the odds that are manufactured by the soft bookmakers and see if there is a significant difference.

If the soft bookmaker offers odds higher than the sharp bookmakers then there is Value and we can profit.

What is Trademate Sports

The hardest thing about Value betting is figuring out how to compare the odds of the thousands of odds across several different sports.

Thankfully our partners over at Trademate Sports have come up with a solution and they have developed a system that automatically searches the markets and finds Value bets whenever they occur.

Read this article that explains Value Betting with Trademate Sports more thoroughly.

Trademate members proft

Here you can see that Trademate members have earnt over €4.2 million in profit through Value Betting and that number continues to climb!


Matched Betting continues to be the best side hustle for students in 2020 because of the flexibility and minimal time needed to earn.

Students can concentrate on Matched Betting in small 5-10 minute intervals throughout the day and still earn €/£1,000 per month.

The profits you earn from Matched Betting are also tax free and they will help relieve some of the financial stress that haunts many students.

Once you have turned over all of your bonuses using Matched Betting and you have built up your bankroll, you can continue to earn through Value Betting with Trademate Sports.

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