How To Do Matched Betting In Australia

Matched Betting is one of the most popular forms of making money online because of the ability to make more than $1,000 per month from home.

As online betting continues to grow in Australia, more bookmakers are opening up and sending out offers enticing people to start betting.

Here is a quick rundown of how to get started with Matched Betting in Australia.

What is Matched Betting?

First, let’s get the basics out of the way shall we.

Matched Betting is a risk-free system that allows people to take advantage and profit from the free bets and bonuses bookmakers offer to their customers.

As bookmakers are all vying for your attention, they will continually find new ways to tempt people in. We can then implement a very simple method to profit from these offers.

Bonus Bet and Cover Bet

Matched Betting can be easily broken down into two seperate parts - the Bonus bet and Cover bet.

The Bonus Bet is the bet we place on the bonus bookmaker

The Cover Bet is the bet we place on a betting exchange/brokerage

Watch our video explaining the 5 steps of Matched Betting

Here is another example:

Bet365 Signup bonus

Bet365 is one of the worlds largest online bookmakers in the world and is a must for all Matched Bettors.

They offer new customers the chance to earn up to £/$/€100 in bonuses.

So in this case, if we deposit $100 into our account, we will get a $100 bonus back. Since Bet365 has a turnover requirement of only 2x, if you place a couple $100 bets, your bonus is already turned over!

The great thing is, you can do it for free with the help of the Oddshero Matched Betting software.

Here’s how:

Using the Oddshero integrated Bet Finder, we can effortlessly find the bets needed to turnover $200, all we have to do is carefully follow the steps.

Oddshero integrated Bet Finder

Above you can see the bet that we are being told to place on a Bundesliga match between SC Paderborn 07 and Hertha BSC Berlin

Now we know what game to focus on, we need to look at the stakes needed to place the two bets.

First we place the Bonus bet

First, we have to place the Bonus bet which you can see positioned on the left hand side.

We will be placing a bet on the Asian Handicap +0(Home). The Home team will be SC Paderborn 07.

Learn more about the Asian Handicap

The Bet Finder also tells you the odds that you should see when you open Bet365 and the Stake you should enter.

Placing the Cover Bet

Now we have placed the Bonus bet it is time to eliminate all of the risk by placing the Cover bet.

Underneath the Cover Bet header we can see that it is telling us to place a bet on the Asian Handicap +0(Away). This is the opposite of our Bonus bet.

Just like the Bonus bet, it is telling us the odds that we should be seeing and the stake that we need to enter.

Now the stake involved in the Cover Bet is $104.64. This means you will need at least that amount to cover your $100 Bonus bet.

If, however, you don’t have enough money to cover the full $100 Bonus bet, then you can reduce the Bonus bet stake and split your bet into smaller parts.

The same bet with smaller stakes

Here you can see that we have halved our $100 Bonus bet to $50 and so our Cover bet has also halved. We would have to place 4 Bonus bets instead of two to turnover our $100 bonus.

Once you have a full understanding of how the Bonus bet and Cover bet works, then you can start completing all 70 of the bonus bookmakeroffers we have available here on Oddshero.

The advantages of the Australian market

Now one of the advantages of Matched Betting in Australia is that you can benefit from a wide range of offers due to the variety of sports available.

Similar to the European markets where the main sport is Soccer and Horse Racing, Australian bookmakers offer these and more Australian-centred sports.

If you are a Matched Bettor living in Australia then you can also receive offers for Aussie Rules, Cricket and other local sports.

This means that there is a potential to earn more than the typical Matched Bettor.

Sportsbet’s money back offer

An example of an Australian only offer is the Rugby League Money Back if the team you bet on is winning at half time and they go on to lose.

This offer can be extremely lucrative if you know how to use it and is an offer that several Australian bookmakers implement.

Note: This has been a Sportsbet promotion in the past, which doesn’t necessarily mean it will be in the future.

How do we profit?

All we have to do is place a Bonus bet on a Rugby League side to win and then place a Cover bet on the opposition.

If the team we placed a Bonus bet with are winning at half time and then lose the game, we have won both of our bets and we will earn ourselves a very nice profit.

This is just one example of an offer exclusively available for Australian Matched Bettors.


Matched Betting is available in any country that permits online gambling as bookmakers will offer you bonuses to entice you into gambling with them.

We can use the simple methods of Bonus bet and Cover bet to eliminate all the risk involved in gambling and guarantee ourselves a profit.

Australian punters will receive exclusive offers that are only available for the Australian markets, thus making it an even more profitable source of online income.

Join Oddshero for free and complete your first $100 signup bonus!

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