How To Do Matched Betting In Italy

Matched Betting has been one of the best ways to make money for the past decade and it continues to provide for those who have only just discovered it.

Here we are going to show you why you must be Matched Betting if you live in Italy and exactly how to get started.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is a risk-free system that takes advantage of the free bets and bonuses online bookmakers offer to new and existing customers.

Using a two bet system we can eliminate all of the risk associated with sports betting and guarantee ourselves a profit from the offers we receive.

Is Matched Betting Legal in Italy?

Yes, Matched Betting is completely legal in Italy as gambling itself is legal. All forms of gambling have been legal in Italy since 2007 and the market became regulated three years later.

Since 2010 the gambling industry has been fully regulated by the Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (ADM) and all bookmakers must be licensed by them to operate in the Italian market.

Do you pay tax on winnings?

No! Italian Matched Bettors do not have to pay tax on any of their winnings.

The tax responsibility falls to the bookmakers themselves and they are required to pay a 24% tax on their Gross Gaming Revenue(GGR).

The Best Bookmakers for Matched Betting in Italy?

Before we list some of the best bookmakers, we should clarify that even though bookmakers are required to obtain licenses, Italian citizens can easily access bookmakers that aren’t licensed in Italy.

Although this is technically illegal, as of March 2020,no Italian citizen has been prosecuted for betting on a foreign bookmaker.

Note: A bookmaker is licensed if they have a .it domain.


One of the biggest bookmakers in the world, Bet365 are a great bookmaker for Italian Matched Bettors.

Bet365 Italia Signup bonus

As you can see above, Italian players can receive a €100 bonus when they sign up to Bet365. Using the techniques of Matched Betting, we can easily earn €80 - €110 profit from just this offer.

A major reason for Bet365 popularity is the continuous offers they send out to existing customers. The company is a goldmine for Matched Bettors as they provide many ways for us to profit.

Also, by using the Oddshero Matched Betting software, you can turnover the Bet365 bonus for free!

Why Bet365 is the Best Bookmaker for Matched Betting


Another giant of European gambling, it is no surprise that Bwin has obtained a license for the Italian market.

Bwin Italian Signup bonus

Bwin are offering a huge bonus for new customers, with a bonus up to €200!

Again, using Oddshero and the techniques of Matched Betting, we can guarantee ourselves a €160 - €220 profit from this just one offer.

888 Sport

A company renowned for their Poker community, 888 now offers an extremely popular sports betting service with 888 Sport.

888 Sport Italian Signup bonus

888 Sport are offering Italian players a €100 bonus when you first deposit with them. Similar to the offers above, we can guarantee ourselves at least €80 - €110 profit.

Many More

This is just a fraction of the services available for Italian players and so it is not hard to see just how easy it is to make huge profits Matched Betting in Italy.

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