My Matched Betting Journey with Oddshero Week 5 | €1,200 Profit from 59 bets!

Hey guys, welcome to the 5th and last week of my matched betting journey!

In this video I'll briefly take you through the result of last week, as well as this week's bonuses, and at the end I'll spend some time reflecting upon the past 5 weeks.

Last week’s bonuses went well! I made one last bet with Betway and had then cleared out bonuses with 888sport and Betway without major losses. All in all, a good week!

This week I signed up with Unibet and Bethard. Unibet offered me a bonus of 3000 NOK, which is like €300! However, I did suffer some conversion fees when depositing money. Nevertheless, after 7 bets in 2 days, I had cashed out a bonus of almost 290 euros!

Bethard offered me a €100 bonus, which I tried to finish in 2 bets. I won one of them on Betway, filling up my account with them. As there are any good bets at the moment, I’ve decided to spend some more time instead of rushing it and losing more money.

I'm now at the end of my matched betting journey, and I've both learnt a lot and earned quite some money. In general, my experience has been very positive. I started with no betting experience whatsoever and found the process straightforward once you get comfortable with placing bets. I also found the Oddshero software user-friendly and easy to use.

However, I have encountered some problems and I've been pretty frustrated from time to time. The bookmakers have a lot of tricks up their sleeve to stop people from making money, like limiting the possible stake size. However, I hope I've proved in this series that it’s still possible to make good money on it. In total I've earned almost 1200 euros, but the conversion fees will eat into that. I don't know exactly how much I have earned in Norwegian kroners until I've taken them out of my Sportmarket account, but I'm guessing around 1100 euros.

Thank you for following me these past weeks! I hope it's been entertaining, and that I've showed you some possible pitfalls. But mostly, I hope you've gotten the courage to sign up with Oddshero to start your own matched betting journey.

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