"Nearly Turned Over 3 Welcome Bonuses!" | My Matched Betting Journey with Oddshero Week 2

Hey, guys!

Welcome to the second week of my matched betting journey! If you haven't seen the first video yet, make sure to check it out here.

Since last week I’ve gotten a lot more confident with betting. I’m not nervous when placing bets, and the process is just more efficient. I’ve also been clearing more bonuses at a time, without worrying about messing up, so I’m very happy with the development!

This week I’ve had some problems with LeoVegas, because I noticed they had charged me in euros instead of Norwegian kroners, even though all my accounts are in kroners. This resulted in a conversion fee of almost€50! I made a lot of fuss in the Live Chat and ended up getting limited!

I also started on a new bonus with Coolbet where I got€200 when depositing€200. Myplan was to place a couple of large bets with high odds on Coolbet to win it all on Sportmarket and avoid having to meet the turnover requirement.

However, when I started betting, I only focused on the profit line on Oddshero and completely forgot to check the odds. As a result, I won a lot of bets on Coolbet instead.

Lastly, I signed up with Bet365! One of the great things about Bet365 is that you can cash out the bonus by using the Oddshero FREE Trial. I’m still waiting on getting verified, but when I do, my plan is definitely to place a few large bets with a good chance of winning them on Sportmarket to finish the bonus as fast as possible!

I’ll let you guys know how it went next week. See you then!


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