(+$552) First Betting Withdrawal Complete & Some Big Betting Mistakes | Matched Betting Journey Wk 3

Hey, guys!

Welcome to the third week of my matched betting journey! If you haven't watched the previous videos yet, make sure to check them out: week 1, week 2.

I decided I wanted to cash out the LeoVegas bonus instead of keeping it on the account for value betting. After struggling a bit, I finally managed to get the money out of the account.

This week I’ve also signed up with Bet365 and have already staked all the money. However, I did make an ugly mistake. I came across a bet with a very good profit line, but I noticed that the liquidity and odds on Sportmarket were rapidly changing due to high traffic. I therefore decided to go against the advice I had been given to always place the money on the bonus bookmaker first to avoid getting trapped. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened. I did manage to get a bet in with Bet365, but with terrible odds, resulting in a pretty large loss. Lesson learned.

I also signed up with Betsson, which also has a bonus of €100. My plan for this bonus is to search for a few bets with high odds and low losses, and rather spend some extra time than trying to cash the bonus out as soon as possible.

For this week in general, I found it difficult to evaluate how high odds I should take with the bonus bookmaker compared to the apparent increase in losses the high odds caused. In other words, I had to make compromises between cashing out the bonuses as soon as possible and minimizing the losses.

I’ll let you guys know how it went next week. See you then!


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