(+€737) Bet365, Betway & 888Sport Bonus | My Matched Betting Journey with Oddshero Week 4

Hey, guys!

Welcome to the fourth week of my matched betting journey! If you haven't watched the previous videos yet, make sure to check them out: week 1, week 2, week 3.

Last week I was pretty sure I had finished the bonus with Bet365 and successfully won the money over on Sportmarket, seeing that I had placed the last bet with odds of 6.25. However, knowing my luck, no one should be surprised to hear that I won that bet on Bet365. I therefore have a lot of money on that account, but for now I’ll just keep them there and maybe use them for value betting with Trademate Sports!

I also finished Betsson, but because I’ve been away for a couple of weeks, time was running out. This resulted in me taking a bet with a higher loss than expected (lost €15 in total), but at least I moved the money to my Sportmarket account in only 2 bets!

This week I’ve signed up with Betway to cash out a €100 bonus. I set the minimum odds to 3 to have a greater chance of winning the money on Sportmarket and make my life a bit easier. This resulted in very few available bets on Betway, forcing me to be more patient with this bonus.

I also signed up with 888Sport for another €100 bonus. The available bets were mostly on sports and leagues I’ve never bet on before, so I spent some extra time getting comfortable with them. I’ve placed all my money on two bets, and if it all goes in my favor, I’ll have cashed out the bonus by tomorrow evening and earned more than €97!

I’ll let you guys know how it went next week. See you then!


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