"I Just Placed My First Ever Bet!" | My Matched Betting Journey with Oddshero Week 1

Hey, guys!

Welcome to my Matched Betting journey!

I’m Maria, a full-time student and an intern at Trademate Sports and Oddshero. I’ve decided to start Matched Betting to earn some extra money in an easy and safe manner, without having to invest too many hours.

My impression of the betting industry has always been pretty negative and I’ve never really considered placing bets on sports because I assumed there were no ways of beating the bookmakers and their sleazy tricks. In fact, I thought it was a safe way of losing money.

However, after being introduced to Oddshero’s software and reading about the mathematical proofs behind the method I realised that there is actually a way of beating the bookmakers and taking advantage of the bonuses they hand out to new customers. And it’s a lot easier than expected!

LeoVegas logo

I decided to start with the LeoVegas bonus, as it’s the largest bonus available in Norway at the moment. The terms of their bonus make it a bit harder to turn it over, but I’ll hopefully make it work!

In the beginning I was a nervous wreck whenever I was about to place a bet, but after a week of betting I’m getting pretty comfortable with both Oddshero and Sportmarket, as well as LeoVegas.

If I were to do something different the next time I’d stake more so that I would need less bets to clear the bonus.

Until next week I’ll start working on some new bonuses, as well as finishing off the one from LeoVegas.

Hopefully next week will be as good as this one! But if not, I’ll make sure to tell you all about it.

See you then!

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