How to do Matched Betting on American Football and the NFL

The beauty of Matched Betting is that it can be done on all kinds of sports as long as they’re offered by the bookmakers/betting exchanges. Still, this doesn’t mean that every sport is good for Matched Betting. There are some sports that stand out from the crowd. American Football is one of them!

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3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Almost any sport in the world is suitable for Matched Betting, including American Football.
  2. The NFL is one of the most popular sports for American bettors.
  3. Oddshero will help you do Matched Betting with the NFL events.

American Football in a Nutshell

AP78 Photo 2 American Football in a Nutshell

American Football has long been one of the most popular sports in North America and since recently, its popularity has started increasing overseas as well. Although most Europeans still prefer sports like Football and Basketball, the popularity of American Football has increased dramatically in the 21st century.

The no.1 reason why is that it can be a very fun sport to watch, especially when some of the world’s best players are playing. That is exactly why the NFL is getting a lot of attention lately – this is the competition where the elite players of American Football compete. If you want to read more about NFL players or are interested in upcoming stars being drafted for the NFL then NFL Draft Diamonds can be a good news source.

Apart from being interesting to sports aficionados, the NFL is also loved by bettors. This is one of the toughest competitions in the world, where anyone can beat anyone. Favourites lose all the time and underdogs make sensational performances more often than not.

All this means that there’s a lot of value in NFL betting, especially if you’re an expert on the subject. So, why not use the NFL for Matched Betting?

Reasons Why the NFL is Great for Matched Betting

NFL for Matched Betting

The NFL might be an ideal sport for Matched Betting for a number of reasons. The first reason is that the betting volume is huge where NFL events are concerned. For you as a Matched Bettor, it means that you are going to fly under the radar. The chances that your account is going to get flagged as suspicious by the bookmaker are close to zero.

Sports betting has been legal in some parts of the United States since 2018. A huge percentage of American bettors have been placing huge sums of money on matches from this competition. If you decide to use this championship for Matched Betting, you are going to be just one of the hundreds of thousands of bettors who are betting on the NFL.

The popularity of the NFL among bettors also means that you should have no problem finding someone who’s ready to accept your lay bets at the betting exchange.

Big Number of NFL Games

Another reason why the NFL is a good choice for Matched Betting is that there are plenty of matches to choose from. There are 32 teams in the NFL, which are split into two conferences (AFC and NFC), each with four divisions. The conferences and divisions are rotated in such a way that every team gets to play each other at least once over a period of four years.

We’re not going to bore you with all the details as to who plays who in the NFL because it’s hugely confusing! The main thing is, is that there are plenty of NFL games to be played in the regular season. Each team gets to play a total of 16 games. Considering that there are 32 teams, a regular NFL season consists of 256 games. Add to that the matches from pre-season, as well as those from the playoffs and the Super Bowl and you will see that the NFL is a paradise for Matched Bettors.

Still not convinced that the NFL is the right choice for your Matched Betting exploits? If so, you should also know that there are plenty of betting markets to choose from if you decide to go with American Football.

If you are looking for somewhere to find the best odds available on an American Football game, Vegas-Odds is a great website to help you find all the prices bookmakers are offering.

Best NFL Markets for Matched Betting

Best NFL Markets for Matched Betting

If you know how to do Matched Betting, you know that you need to bet on an outcome with the Bonus Bookmaker, while laying the same outcome at a betting exchange. The question is which bets should you choose?

You can do Matched Betting on all kinds of sports, American Football included. So, if you make the NFL your choice, you will get to do Matched Betting on some of the following markets:

  • Moneyline – This is the most popular type of bets in the NFL, the reason being is that it’s pretty straightforward. All you have to do is bet on the match-winner. Put your Bonus Bet on Team A and lay the same outcome at the betting exchange. Alternatively, you can bet on Team B at the Cover Bookmaker.
  • Handicap/Spread – Depending on the part of the world where you live, you might know this bet as Asian handicap or spread. How it works is that there’s a point handicap that either team needs to cover in order for the bet to win.
  • Total Points O/U – Here’s another super-popular NFL betting market. You get to bet whether the total number of points in a game is going to be over or under the pre-set points line. The reason why it’s popular is that you get a large choice of outcomes. A bookmaker usually offers dozens of lines, with different odds for Over and Under. This means that you can easily find the most suitable one for your Matched Betting tactic.

On top of all these reasons why the NFL is a fantastic choice for Matched Betting, there’s one more you mustn’t forget – Oddshero works with American Football. If you decide to use our tool for Matched Betting, you will be able to place sure bets on NFL events in addition to many others.

Key Takeaways

  1. The NFL is a fantastic choice for Matched Betting
  2. You can choose from a large number of NFL games, as well as a big number of betting markets.
  3. American Football is one of the sports that Oddshero covers.

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