What are the Risks of Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is often described as the ultimate method for making money via sports betting. Did you notice that we used the word ‘earning’ instead of ‘winning’? It’s because matched betting is a method where winning and losing does not exist.

Every player who’s doing matched betting has a chance to make nice profits. Of course, only if they do it the right way.

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Top 3 Key Takeaways:

  1. There is no gambling involved if you’re doing matched betting.
  2. The biggest risk in matched betting is getting your account limited or suspended.
  3. By using Oddshero for matched betting, you’re reducing the risks significantly.

How to Do Matched Betting ‘The Right Way’?

Sports bettors have a chance to take advantage of the bonuses that bookmakers give away. But bookies don’t just give the players free money. Instead, they offer bonus deals that come with some conditions attached.

Usually, the condition is that you got to wager the bonus before the funds are released. Wagering the bonus means that there’s gambling involved. Your bet can either be a winning or a losing one. But, what if we told you there is a way to eliminate gambling from the equation?

What we’re talking about is matched betting, which tells you to lay exactly the same bet at a betting exchange. By betting against the option you’ve bet on at the bonus-giving bookmaker, you’re making sure that whatever happens, you win!

You can either clear the bonus or win money at the exchange. And because you’re gonna be a winner no matter what, you simply can’t think of matched betting as a form of gambling.

But, how are you supposed to know how much money to bet and where in order to get profits no matter what? Well, this is where Oddshero steps in. Our matched betting tool will take care of all the hard work. All that you’ll have to do is collect the spoils.

Are There Really No Risks Involved?

Is there a risk in Matched Betting

The Oddshero Matched Betting software is based on maths, meaning that there’s almost zero chance that something could go wrong. Still, there are some risks of matched betting that we got nothing to do with.

In theory, no problems should occur while you’re doing matched betting. You just have to turn on Oddshero and in just a few clicks, you’ve earned a decent sum. The trouble is that when players earn money, bookmakers lose it.

This is why some of them might decide to take drastic measures. What we’re talking about is gubbing. Those bookmakers that are reluctant to give away their bonuses might decide to suspend the accounts that they deem too profitable.

If your matched betting adventure is taking a toll on the bookmaker’s profits, your account might end up gubbed.

What is Gubbing and How to Avoid Getting Gubbed?

In matched betting lingo, gubbing refers to the situation in which your account is either limited or completely suspended. Basically, once your account gets gubbed, you have no more use for it.

The worst thing about gubbing is that it can happen to any player. In fact, you don’t even have to do matched betting or any other profit-making method in order to get gubbed. Bookmakers have the right to limit/suspend any account they want.

Sounds crazy? Just check the T&C of any online bookmaker and you’ll see what we’re talking about. The good news is that they don’t have the right to seize your winnings. No matter how you got them, whether it’s the old-fashioned gambling or matched betting, your money is yours and yours only.

What this practically means is that if you get gubbed for doing matched betting, you cannot lose any money. The worst-case scenario is the one in which you end up with a banned account. But, there’s plenty of fish in the sea. You can simply move to another bookmaker.

Unfortunately, there is one more form of gubbing, which is pretty dangerous for matched bettors. It’s the one in which you’re stripped of your rights to claim the bonus. The problem occurs if it happens after you’ve already placed a lay bet at the exchange.

In such a case, there is a risk that you can lose some money. If the bet you were supposed to back wins, it means the one you’ve layed is going to be a losing one.

Luckily, such scenarios don’t happen very often. It’s because matched bettors usually place bets at the bookmaker before laying them at the exchange.

Plus, there’s only a small percentage of bookmakers that have actually gone this road. And those bookmakers are not among the most popular ones.

You can be sure that if you decide to use Oddshero, you will not come across such bookies. Our software only works with the most reliable bookmakers you can find on the internet. Also, the chances of getting gubbed or limited while doing matched betting are very low.

The reason is simple - it’s because we always want to try and lose the bet at the Bonus Bookmaker and win the bet at the Cover Bookmaker. We can increase the chance of this happening by betting on high odds at the Bonus Bookmaker and low odds at the Cover Bookmaker.

5 Rules for Staying Non-Gubbed

Even though the chances are low that you’re gonna get gubbed if you’re using Oddshero, it’s always better to stay safe.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to share with you some of the best methods to keep your account under the radar. Here are five of those:

Only Bet at Licensed Bookmakers – If a bookmaker has a legit license, it means they need to follow the rules and regulations of the gaming authority. Unlicensed bookmakers have no authority to obey, meaning that they can simply take your money and disappear.

Use Different Bookmakers – Oddshero works with more than 60 online bookmakers, so there really is no need to focus only on one of them.

Verify Your Account – An account that’s not fully verified is bound to seem suspicious in the bookmaker’s eyes. Verify it by providing photocopies of documents such as the ID or passport.

Do Some Dutching – This is a method meant to keep your account off the blacklist. It’s practically sports arbitrage in which you lose instead of winning. Once again, you’re covering all possible outcomes, so that your total profit loss is minimal. You’re gonna lose cents, but in the bookmaker’s eyes, you’re actually gonna look like a big loser. And that is great for not getting gubbed.

Bet Round Numbers – To get equal profits on every potential outcome, you might need to place some pretty strange stakes, e.g. €39.78. Obviously, placing such bets would raise some eyebrows in the sportsbook. This is why our advice is to always round it up. Instead of betting €39.78, just bet €40. Do this on the Bonus Bookmaker, then you can adjust for it on the Cover Bookmaker when placing your Cover Bet.

Apart from gubbing, players doing matched betting also may lose their money by making mistakes on their own. The good news is that you can easily avoid making such mistakes. You just need to know how to spot them in time.

Costly Mistakes That Matched Bettors Make

Common Matched Betting Mistakes

The players who are doing matched betting frequently wander off to the valley of gambling. And this road can be very costly for them. Instead of laying bets at exchanges, they decide to try to clean the bonuses by plain betting. More often than not, this ends with a failure.

Matched betting is based on mathematics, not on chance. Leaving it up to chance is a certain way to lose your money.

But, even if you are a disciplined player, there are still a few dangers you should watch out for. Bookmakers are sore losers and some of them might decide to use certain tricks to fool you into giving them back the money.

For example, they might offer you a chance to double your winnings by playing a virtual game. And if you agreed, you’d have to gamble the money that you earned through matched betting. You could win, but you could also end up without anything.

3 Key Takeaways

  1. Matched betting is based on a mathematical formula and such, it’s flawless. But, there are some risks involved when you actually do it in real life.
  2. Still, those risks have nothing to do with matched betting. They have to do with the bettors themselves.
  3. To eliminate the risk of Matched Betting, you got to stay away from gambling!

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