How to do Sports Betting and Trading in the Netherlands | Taxes, Laws and Bookmakers

Online sports betting is popular in the Netherlands and an increasing number of international betting sites offer player registration for Dutch bettors. This article discusses the legal aspects of sports betting in the Netherlands, and some of the best bookmakers to use.

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The legal landscape is constantly evolving with the Dutch government passing a bill which prepares for a license system starting in 2021. Until then, the state-owned company De Lotto is the only one allowed to actively seek Dutch customers. The plan is to start issuing licenses from July 2020, with strict requirements for getting one for the online betting sites.

However, these restrictions apply to the online bookmakers only. Dutch sports bettors are not prosecuted for betting at either domestic or international sportsbooks, and numerous bookmakers welcome Dutch players with open arms. However, they will not provide their websites in Dutch, as they will be fined by the government for actively seeking customers in the Netherlands without holding a license.

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There is a 29% tax that residents of the Netherlands are required to pay on their winnings when playing at Dutch betting sites. However, at least under the current legislation, Dutch authorities don’t tax winnings from foreign sites. That gives you a great reason for using overseas sites, as it’s legal and if you have a decent win, you’ll get to keep it all!


As mentioned earlier, the gambling laws in the Netherlands are such that you practically have the freedom to pick any online bookmaker you want.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should put your trust in a bookmaker before looking into its history first. Unless the bookmaker has a good track record concerning payouts, you better stay away from it. In addition, the bookmaker should have decent odds and great bonus deals.

Finding the best bookmakers for value betting in the Netherlands can be time consuming and confusing, which is why we’ve compiled a list of our recommended sportsbooks!


Bwin is a real giant of European gambling, and a bookmaker that millions of bettors trust. It welcomes players from the Netherlands and you can get a 100% bonus up to €200 just for signing up.


If you have experience with online betting, there is a good chance that you’ve crossed paths with this bookmaker. Betway is a UK bookmaker that welcomes players from many parts of the planet, including the Netherlands.

One of the reasons why Betway is a fantastic choice for Matched Bettors from the Netherlands is that it gives away a free bet of €30 as a welcome present to its Dutch players.


Bet365 is one of the biggest sportsbook operators in the world. Not only does it accept players from the Netherlands, but it also gives them a welcome present. It comes in the form of a 100% matched deposit bonus up to €100.

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One way to explore the Asian bookies is by creating an account at a betting brokerage such as Sportmarket, which will give you access to a lot of bookmakers at once. By signing up to one of those brokerages you will open the door to several sharp Asian bookmakers, which all have more competitive odds than the soft bookmakers. If you’re looking to trade on the Asian market, our product Trademate Pro will give you access to value bets with the best sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges. To learn more about why you should use sharp bookmakers, click here.


Although the Dutch government is working on new legislation regarding the gambling market, the new regulations will mostly affect the bookmakers, allowing the players to keep enjoying the good services of offshore operators. As you are not only exempt from paying taxes to overseas bookies, but also welcomed by attractive sign-up bonuses, there are good opportunities of making some solid profits as a value bettor in the Netherlands!

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