Arbitrage Betting or Value Betting?

This article is about the pros and cons for each of the two strategies based on my personal experiences after my first two years of sport betting. All data presented in this article is real.

Arbitrage in Sports Betting

There are lots of ways of doing arbitrage betting and we are going to show how it works in typical events where we look at it as only two outcomes.

Matched Betting Key Terminology: What is the difference between a Bonus Bet, A Cover Bet and Lay Betting?

Matched Betting uses a different kind of lingo to the one you might be used to. Even if you’re into sports betting, it doesn’t mean you already know what terms like bonus bet, cover bet and lay betting mean.

How to go from being a Winning Poker Player to a Profitable Sports Bettor

If you are a professional poker player and you are looking to diversify your sources of income, sports trading has to be on the top of your list.

Similarities Between Poker and Sports Betting

For those of you who are interested in the similarities between sports betting and poker, in this article, we cover the similarities between betting and poker and also where these endeavours differ from each other.

How to Make a Living from Sports Betting Part 3/3

As a benchmark for what is required to do extremely well in sports betting, we have added Jonas’ results for his $10k to a $1 million run below.

How to Make a Living from Sports Betting Part 2/3

An important element is your starting point. Just like with more traditional forms of investing such as stocks or real estate, if one already has the money it becomes easier to accumulate more of it.

How to Make a Living from Sports Betting Part 1/3

This is the first out of a three-part article series, which purpose is to investigate how one can make money from sports betting and the requirements of making a living from it.

Bill Benter, The Horse Racing Millionaire Who Left $118M In Hong Kong | 10 People Who Got Rich On Sports Betting

Bill Benter is one of only a few who has managed to master the world of betting on Horse Racing. In the mid-1980’s, Benter produced an algorithm to beat Hong Kong Horse Racing, and over thirty years later, Bill has amassed nearly $1 US billion.

Taking The Emotion Out Of Betting, The Story Of Jeff Ma | 10 People Who Got Rich On Sports Betting

Jeff Ma’s betting story is so good that it was adapted into the book Bringing Down the House and the movie, 21. Ma is famous for being a member of the MIT Blackjack Team from 1993 to 2001, where he took the casinos for roughly $2 million. But like a lot of us, his story started as a university student in need of some money!

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