What is a Betting Exchange and how do they work?

There are, however, alternatives to the traditional betting-system, one of them being to go through a Betting Exchange. This gives the bettor the option to function as a bookmaker, and instead of choosing the team you think will win, you can choose the team (or draw) you think will not win. This is what we refer to as backing and laying bets.

3 Different Strategies For Making Money From Sports Betting That Actually Work: Matched Betting, Arbitrage Betting and Value Betting

There are 3 proven betting strategies that work. They are matched betting, arbitrage betting and value betting. This article explains the pros and cons of each strategy.

Increasing The Value Of Soft Bookmakers

To maximise profits, you need to maintain a high turnover by placing many bets. When placing a high volume of bets, there are two ways of gaining that volume.

Bonuses and Signing Up at a Bookmaker

When signing up at a bookmaker there are a couple of things that is important to remember. There are hundreds of bookmakers to choose from, as in any other business there are good and bad products. Luckily there are multiple sites that will provide you with reviews and other peoples experiences with them. There are a couple of No-Go bookmakers so be sure not sign up for them.

Every Different Odds Type | Beginner Sports Bettor Fundamentals

Here is a list of every different odds type out there, this is essential information for every beginning sports bettor.

What Are Odds? The Right Way To Look At Odds For Sports Betting

In most places related to sports and betting you will see the odds of a team winning rather than the probability. The reason you will see odds instead of probability, is because the odds tells you how much you win if you placed a bet on the given odds.

Sports Betting with Trademate – The Perfect Side Income or Side Hustle

For many, the Coronavirus outbreak has been an awful time financially, with many people losing jobs and businesses failing. To the more proactive and enterprising members of the public, the pandemic has highlighted a key flaw in the conventional attitude towards work and money: the lack of importance given to multiple income sources.

What Are Totals Or Over/Unders? | Sports Betting For Beginners

A total or over/under is a bet on whether the combined number of points in a single game will be over or under a given value.

What Is Draw No Bet? | Sports Betting For Beginners

The Draw no Bet is a type of sports bet offered by most online bookmakers. As the name suggests, it is characterised by the fact that you get your money back in case that the match ends in a draw.

What is 1X2? | Sports Betting For Beginners

1X2 is a type of bet that is common in sports trading where a draw is possible. There are three possible outcomes, which are represented by each of the three symbols. 1 represents a home win, X is a draw and 2 is an away win. It’s really that simple. You may also observe compositions of the home win, away win and draw.

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