How to do Sports Betting and Trading in Denmark | Taxes, Laws and Bookmakers

Danish and international bookmakers fight to attract both new and experienced bettors, and therefore offer a wide range of sports, sign-up bonuses and payment methods.

How to do Sports Betting and Trading in Italy | Taxes, Laws and Bookmakers

Sports betting legality differs from one country to the other. In some parts of the world, betting is legal and regulated. In others, any form of gambling is thought of as a criminal offense. So, what’s the status of sports betting in Italy?

How to do Sports Betting and Trading in the Netherlands | Taxes, Laws and Bookmakers

This article discusses the legal aspects of sports betting in the Netherlands, and some of the best bookmakers to use.

How to do Sports Betting and Trading in Germany | Taxes, Laws and Bookmakers

There are a few aspects you should be aware of before starting your gambling adventure in Germany. This article covers the relevant legal constraints that apply to you as a value bettor, as well as a collection of handpicked bookmakers we recommend.

How to do Sports Betting and Trading in Spain | Taxes, Laws and Bookmakers

Sports betting is huge in Spain. Some analysts even say the Spanish market is bigger than that of the home of online sports betting, the United Kingdom. As an example, €5 billion were bet in Spain in 2017, an amount that has not stopped growing every year.

How to do Sports Betting and Trading in Canada | Taxes, Laws and Bookmakers

Canada has its own set of laws concerning online sports betting that all citizens must follow. As these laws can be confusing, we’ve outlined the essential aspects concerning you as a sports trader. We’ve also included a list of some recommended betting sites available to Canadian bettors.

Jonas And Marius From Trademate Tell The Story Of Their Largest Wins

Jonas’ largest win came in the 2014 Soccer World Cup. Norsk Tipping, the major Norwegian bookie, offered 60.0 in odds on the Netherlands winning exactly 3-2 vs. Australia

Charlie Sheen, So Addicted To Gambling That He Didn’t Even Care When He Won A Million Dollar Bet | 10 Celebrities and Sportsmen Who Are Sports Bettors

Out of all the famous Celebrities and Sportsmen we’ve featured in our Top 10, I’m sure you’re the least surprised by the inclusion of Charlie Sheen. Famous for his starring role in Two and a Half Men and his addiction to drugs, alcohol, and sex, it has also come to light that you can add gambling to the list.

Pete Rose, the illegal gambler who cost himself $100 million | 10 Celebrities and Sportsmen Who Are Sports Bettors

Unlike the other celebrities and sportsmen who we have featured in our series so far, Pete Rose was involved in the darker, more illegal side of sports betting. Before finding himself in a legal mess, Rose was considered one of the greatest Major League Baseball (MLB) players of all time.

50 Cent’s $750k bet that Floyd Mayweather couldn’t read a page of Harry Potter | 10 Celebrities and Sportsmen Who Are Sports Bettors

Similar to Floyd Mayweather, Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson is another example of someone who loves to flaunt his betting activities on social media. The famous rapper has placed some huge bets in his time, which we will outline later, but contrary to Money Mayweather, he doesn’t mind highlighting the darker side of gambling.

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