#1: What is it like being a Sports Trader? | Interviews with Trademate Sports Customers

We have interviewed a couple of our customers and will be posting the answers as an interview series over the next couple of weeks. Big thanks to Mathias for sharing his answers!

A Review of What You Get from Trademate Sports

Today I want to do a review of the Trademate Sports product as I’m very convinced of the product and because I’m loving all the cool features the software has to offer.

Week 3: "Live Trading with Trademate & Oddshero"

Watch Alex in Week 3 of his Sports Betting Journey with Oddshero and Trademate Sports where he does some live trading with both of the softwares.

Week 2: "Crazy Variance & a 35% Edge" | My Sports Betting Journey with Oddshero & Trademate

Because I was a bit busy last week, I wasn’t able to give you all a weekly update, but here are my results from the last fortnight. I was able to turnover two bonuses with 888Sport and Mobilebet, giving me approximately $300 in profits from Matched Betting.

A Lesson Learnt Through Sports Betting

Bookmakers make their money by having a margin on each game. This gives them an edge over players as they price their odds lower than what they believe to be the underlying probability. So in order to be profitable in the long term, one needs to find an edge in your favour that is larger than the bookmaker’s edge (their margin).

Court-Siding: How To Make Millions Out Of Tennis With No Risk

The BBC have released a small documentary on an Englishmen who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year through a concept called court-siding. Court-siding is betting on a point before the umpires presses a button which sends the updated score to bookmakers around the world. Joe explains the concept of court-siding, how much he profits from it every year and shows an example of it in action.

$5k to $20k: The Journey To Becoming A Professional Sports Bettor

Matias is a Norwegian sports bettor, who tells the story about his journey to becoming a professional bettor. Matias started out playing poker, knowing little about sports betting. He started using Trademate Sports 1.5 years ago and now he has made a solid secondary income from sports betting, building his bankroll to more than $20k.

Trademate Sports Betting Podcast - Helping You Beat The Bookmakers

A podcast for both beginner & advanced sports bettors, as we talk to some of the best betting minds in the business, from pro sports bettors to analysts to bookmaker employees.

Jonas “Liqqa” Gjelstad, leaving school early and moving to Thailand to become a professional poker player | 10 People Who Got Rich from Poker

The world of poker can change your life forever, and Jonas Gjelstad understood that. Jonas or “Liqqa”, as he is more commonly known as in poker circles, is a Norwegian professional poker player and sports bettor. Before getting into sports betting and creating Trademate sports, Jonas was a professional poker player.

Poker Tips from Pro Players Preben Stokkan and Ben Apart

Over the months of April and May, we released a series of videos on our YouTube channel featuring professional poker players Preben Stokkan & Ben_Apart. Stokkan has won over $2.2 million from live poker and specializes in NL Holdem Tournaments. While Ben_ Apart recently won $120,000 in a Sunday Million PokerStars tournament.

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