10 People Who Got Rich From Poker

Poker is much more than a game of chance. Actually, luck doesn’t play a big role in this game. Those players who rely on luck, usually end up empty-handed. Instead, poker requires a sharp mind and a particular set of skills.

Bryn Kenney, the richest man in poker | 10 PEOPLE WHO GOT RICH FROM POKER

Bryn Kenney is currently at the very top of Hendon Mob’s All-Time Money List. His total earnings from live poker tournaments stand at exactly $56,403,502.

Viktor Blom, A.K.A. ILSIDUR1, the record holder for the biggest loss in online poker history | 10 PEOPLE WHO GOT RICH FROM POKER

It’s true that Viktor Blom is not the world’s richest poker player. In fact, he’s currently number 555 in the All-Time Money List. So, why is he on our list of people who got rich from poker?

Mike Matusow, former prisoner and Trump-worshipping poker legend | 10 PEOPLE WHO GOT RICH FROM POKER

Not only is he one of the richest and most successful poker players in history, but Mike Matusow is also known for having beef with many other players. Nicknamed ‘The Mouth’, Mike Matusow is famous for being one of the biggest trash-talkers in professional poker.

Justin Bonomo, the Romeo with many Juliets | 10 PEOPLE WHO GOT RICH FROM POKER

Justin Bonomo is one of the richest and most successful poker players of all time. Still, his life outside the poker room is way more exciting. He lives in a luxury penthouse in a skyscraper on the Las Vegas Strip together with several wives. Bonomo is a self-professed polyamorist, who believes a person can have (and should have) several romantic partners at the same time.

Chris Ferguson, the Jesus of Poker who turned full Antichrist | 10 PEOPLE WHO GOT RICH FROM POKER

With a Ph.D. in computer science, Chris Ferguson is not your ordinary poker player. He’s a real genius when it comes to playing the game, something which has earned him millions.

Doug Polk, a poker pensioner at 31 who now plays Warcraft full-time | 10 PEOPLE WHO GOT RICH FROM POKER

Despite being only 31, the American poker legend has decided he’s had enough of poker. He’s retired early, with millions in his savings, as well as some really prestigious titles in his collection. We’re talking about things like three WSOP bracelets, for example.

Gus Hansen, the Great Dane who went on a $20.7M losing streak! | 10 PEOPLE WHO GOT RICH FROM POKER

Born and raised in Denmark, Gus Hansen is one of the most famous faces in professional poker. According to some, he’s also one of the most beautiful faces in poker! In 2004, People Magazine included him in the list of 50 Most Beautiful People in the world.

Patrik Antonius, winning the biggest ever online poker pot & nearly becoming a tennis pro | 10 PEOPLE WHO GOT RICH FROM POKER

Patrik Antonius is famous for being the man who won the biggest pot in the history of online poker. It happened back in 2009 when he got the better of Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom, earning north of $1.3M. In addition to winning millions playing poker over the internet, the Finnish player has won a real fortune in live poker tournaments.

Fedor Holz, a multimillionaire by 23 | 10 PEOPLE WHO GOT RICH FROM POKER

Alexander the Great was 33 when he conquered the world, Fedor Holz was only 21 when he became the king of the online poker world. Okay, this might not be the most appropriate comparison, but there’s no denying that Holz has done a lot in his professional poker career, despite being only in his mid-twenties.

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