Phil “POKER BRAT” Hellmuth, the biggest trash talker in poker | 10 PEOPLE WHO GOT RICH FROM POKER

There are two types of people in the world of poker – those who don’t like Phil Hellmuth and those who absolutely hate him. Phil Hellmuth holds the unofficial title of the biggest trash-talker in poker, which has earned him the nickname “Poker Brat”.

Phil Ivey cheated his way to a $10 million win | 10 PEOPLE WHO GOT RICH FROM POKER

Phil Ivey is a self-made millionaire with an estimated fortune of over $30M. He earned that money mostly by playing high-roller poker tournaments. Ivey also added a few million to his account by beating casinos in games like baccarat and using a method called “edge sorting” which made him hated by some big-name casinos.

Week 1: "The easiest $320 of my life" | My Sports Betting Journey with Oddshero and Trademate

It was a decent first week using both the Oddshero and Trademate Sports betting softwares simultaneously!

Week 0: My Sports Betting Journey with Oddshero & Trademate Sports

This time around though, Alex will continue value betting with Trademate Sports, but he will also be doing some Matched Betting with Oddshero at the same time!

How I Made $1,100 from Sports Betting, But I Could Have Made $5,000!

It took me 12 weeks to double my bankroll and reach my target of $2,000 using the Trademate Sports software! Along the way I had some ups and downs, so I thought it would be valuable for me to write 8 concluding thoughts on the software, accompanied with some tips for everyone!

Week 12: "Journey complete! But not without some hurdles" | My Value Betting Journey from $1k to $2k

After 12 weeks and 2,460 trades, I not only completed my journey to $2k, but I smashed right through it, ending the week with $1,088 profit. As you can see from my results, week 12 couldn’t have gone much better for me, making $484 in one week! But although I completed my journey, it didn’t come without some hurdles, as I was limited by one bookie and had stake limitations by another.

Week 11: "$20k turned over and some bookie limitations" | My Value Betting Journey from $1k to $2k

Thank goodness club Football is back after the completion of the final international break for a while. It was a decent week for myself too, hitting another big milestone ($20k of settled turnover), along with some steady profits. This week I want to highlight the importance of achieving $20k settled turnover and some stake limitations Betfair have bestowed upon me.

£10,000 To £1,000,000 In 12 Months - The Jonas Gjelstad Story Part 1

For the ones who don’t know me, my name is Jonas Gjelstad. I’m a Norwegian sports bettor and former professional poker player. I’ve been profiting from sports value betting for a couple of years and this is how it all started.

Betting With Professional Sports Bettors - A Hidden Secret To Trademate's Success?

As any informed value bettor knows, that success comes from users placing millions of +EV trades, but what if we said that the success of Trademate Sports was down to more than just a mathematical edge over the bookmakers?

Live Q&A With Pro Sports Bettor And Trademate Sports Owner Jonas Gjelstad

We had a 1 hour and 47 minutes long live Q&A with our own Jonas Gjelstad, where he answered questions that you guys sent in.

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