Frequently Asked Questions About Trademate Sports (FAQ)

Although the software does half of the work for you to place the best value bets, for you to become a professional sports bettor and succeed in the sports trading world, you need to be informed.

6 Tips On How To Use Trademate As Efficiently As Possible

Take 2 mins to read 6 tips on how to get the most value for time spent with using Trademate!

Five Times When The Bookies Got Smashed Including a 573,286/1 Beauty

It is an eternal battle between the bookies and punters and generally speaking, the bookies come out on top, however, there are occasions when punters get the upper hand and win in style. Bookies are not omnipotent, they do make mistakes and as Trademate Sports have proven, they can be beaten on a regular basis providing you identify an edge.

What is the Moneyline and how does it work?

It is one of the easiest forms of betting in which you bet on either of two teams to win. For that reason, it is very popular among American sports like Ice Hockey, American Football, NBA, Baseball, MMA, and Boxing contests.

The Presets Used For Soft Books Trading On TradingEurope

From time to time someone asks me if I'm willing to share which presets I'm using, which I am. I have gone through them on previous episodes of TradingEurope and I do make some smaller changes every now and then. So I figured I'd just write a post where I go through my presets and explain more about them.

Trademate Sports Results in November - can anyone beat us in Soccer?

In November, 183,421 trades were placed, €10,300,613 was turned over and €410,373 was profited at an ROI of 3.98%!

What is Trademate Sports? - Trademate in a Nutshell

A short answer would just confuse people, therefore we decided to create this infographic to explain exactly who we are as a company, what we do, and why you should totally try out our services.

5 Rookie Mistakes in Sports Betting

Here are 5 pieces of advice to help you sharpen your game and create a great betting strategy.

Sports Trading Terminology and Key Concepts || Sports Trading for Beginners

To put it simply, a value bet, edgebet or trade is the edge that you have versus the bookmaker. Because bookmakers offer different odds, inefficiencies occur. For instance, once the lineups are released and a key player is injured the odds on the other team will drop and some bookmakers lag behind the rest of the market.

How to Bet? The 10 Step Trademate Guide to Improve your Betting

Here are 10 key concepts, educational resources, tools, and practical steps you can take to improve your betting!

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