Big Data Analysis: Is Trademate Profitable?

The Trademate community has made a profit of €4.2m (as of September 2019) with an ROI of 2.55%. The purpose of this article is to investigate to which degree Trademate is profitable, and how the profitability differs between the soft and sharp bookmakers.

Law of Large Numbers & Volume in Sports Betting

If you've read our article on value betting, you've learned how edges occur in sports betting, and that good bets are characterised by a positive expected value. The question remains how to transform your edge into what is our ultimate goal: Long term profits.

How to Reduce Variance in Sports Betting?

For the bettors out there that do not enjoy larger swings in your bankroll and deviance from your expected value, this is the article for you.

€4.2 million: The Profit Made by the Trademate Sports Users

The community stats on our webpage had not been updating for a while. So we decided to fix it and get them updated. **Note: we have moved way past the €4.2 million mark now!**

How Quickly Can You Make €5,000 from Betting? | Looking at the Trademate Sports User Data

We’re looking at what average profits & ROI our customers have achieved after certain milestones in turnover. This article is based on our user data, from both free trials and paid subscribers, up until the 28th of May, 2020.

Odds Dropping Whilst Trading: The Evidence that Proves Trademate's Legitimacy

What we talk about in this article might be the greatest piece of evidence to show that what we do works.

What is the Point Spread in Betting and how does it work?

The Point Spread is a concept very similar to the Asian handicap. It exists so we can create more even odds between teams that are separated by their quality.

Final Stats from the 30-Day Trademate Customer Trading Competition

Throughout July, we hosted a trading competition, challenging 10 Trademate customers to see who could finish the month with the biggest average closing edge, with the winner earning €60 off their next subscription.

The Martingale Strategy Staking plan – a disaster waiting to happen

The Martingale system is one of the more famous staking plans available to use, however, being well known does not mean it is fit for purpose. Before we get into why the Martingale system is to be avoided at all costs, let's have a look at its brief history, the concept and some practical examples of its use.

Trademate Sports October Results | 5.43% ROI over 163k trades

In the month of October, 163,584 trades were placed, €10,824,697 was turned over and €587,950 was profited at an ROI of 5.43%! Here is how each sport performed, broken down into recommended leagues (popular leagues) and non-recommended leagues (lower leagues).

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