Top 10 Ways to Make Money as a Student

Shows you the top 10 ways you can make money while studying such as freelancing, affiliate marketing and matched betting to name a fee.

What is The Best Way for Students to Make Money Online?

10 Reasons for why matched betting is the best way to make money online for students

5 Steps For Matched Betting Beginners

These are the 5 essential steps you need to start your Matched Betting journey.

What is Matched Betting and How Can You Make Money From It?

Explains what Matched Betting is and how you can make money from placing matched bets.

The Trademate Bot - Summer Months

As some of you might have noticed we recently restarted (30th of August) the stats of the Trademate bot on the landing page. We did this as the bot was “betting out of control”, basically it did too good to be realistic. The bot does not actually place the bets at the bookmakers, but registers trades that show up in Trademate that falls within its presets as specified on the bot page. So the numbers were real, but the problem was that it started to register bets with several thousand dollars on smaller games, which would not have been possible to do in reality. Therefore we decided to reset it. With time, were sure it will perform well with time.

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