What is a Bookmaker's Margin (VIG) and Payout Rate?

What is a Bookmaker's Margin (VIG) and Payout Rate?

Jonas Gjelstad: A Professional Sports Bettor

For the ones who don’t know Jonas Gjelstad, he is a Norwegian sports bettor, former professional poker player and most importantly, the founder of Trademate Sports. He’s been profiting from sports value betting since January, 2015. Here is our documentary series of Jonas, along with his interviews with NRK and much more!

Trading Europe Live Video Series | Finding value on the European bookmakers

Watch Trademate Sports CEO, Marius Norheim, beat the European bookies week in week out live!

"The Odds Millionaire" - An Interview with Jonas Gjelstad by NRK, Norway's Largest News Channel

Gjelstad decided to take revenge on the bookmaker industry. Today, the 26-year-old lives in one of London's most exclusive regions, and has been referred to as the "Robin Hood" of sports betting.

Michael Jordan: The Ultimate Example of Not Having a Betting Strategy | 10 Celebrities and Sportsmen Who Are Sports Bettors

Jordan retired in 1999, finishing his career with a staggering 6 NBA Championships, 14 MVP awards, 14 NBA All-Star selections and a host of records to his name! But not many people know that on the side, Air Jordan loved to have a bet! Unfortunately, in Jordan’s case, most of the time it was more like a gamble, as having a bet would suggest he had some kind of strategy.

Differences Between RebelBetting and Trademate Sports - What's The Best Value Betting Software?

Trademate Sports and Rebelbetting both offer a value betting software and in this article, we will list and highlight the most important differences between the two.

Trademate's Reviews From Other Betting Platforms

You’re probably sick of us telling you all the great things about Trademate Sports! So here’s a chance to check out what some of the other betting platforms think about Trademate Sports, both good and bad!

Matthew Benham: Brentford FC & Matchbook Owner, A.K.A. Moneyball in Football | 10 People Who Got Rich From Sports Betting

Although Matthew Benham states that he dislikes the comparison between himself and the movie ‘Moneyball’, let’s be honest, he’s about as close as it gets! Benham is the owner of current English Premier League side, Brentford FC, and Danish club FC Midtjylland. It is during his time at both these clubs that the Moneyball man has established himself as a unique character in the football world.

5 Reasons to Read The Logic of Sports Betting

The Logic of Sports Betting has captured a lot of attention since it was published in 2019, selling more than 300,000 copies! The book sheds light on how the industry works and states the advantages sportsbooks have over bettors and also, of course, what advantages the bettor has over sportsbooks.

What is a Unit in Sports Betting?

A common term used in the sports betting world is a ‘unit’. Whilst it is used frequently, some of you may be unsure exactly what it means or how to incorporate it into your betting strategy - which is why we made this article!

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